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Heckler&Colt "G16" Answered

This is a cross between a HK G3 and a Colt M16. It doesn't have a magazine right now because I am too lazy. It is ,however, a sear system gun, so it has a "true" trigger. I haven't tested ranges yet, though it seems pretty powerful with blue rods. Hope you enjoy!

==UPDATE== 8/18/07 Sorry for those who liked the foregrip, it is gone...... REPLACED BY A GRENADE LAUNCHER!!!!!!!! Inspired by Loosewire's disc magazine, it can fire a shotgun round of about 10 blue spacers, or a slug round of a disc. The GL has a vertical grip, gut the gun will also have a horizontal foregrip as well. The GL works like a catapult, where the ram is pulled back and cocked, and instead of hitting or pushing the round out, the round is launched from the shear force of the ram suddenly launched, like when the light suddenly turns red and you slam the breaks on your car.

==UPDATE== 8/19/07 The GL is out of the prototyping stage. Now it has a trigger, located under the normal trigger.




thats gonna be great! but, make it not jam, please!

Pffft. Who needs a foregrip when you have a grenade launcher. :P

I am gonna add a mag, and it is not a copy.

You you have done it again an ingenious project hope you post it soon.

Thanks, and i replied in record time, 15 seconds after you posted your comment.

looks really good, i like your recent projects!

looks good.

sure, I will have them up probably by tomorrow.