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Hello!Anybody can make instructions for building a house from old tires? Answered


You may be able to access a great tv programme called "Grand Designs" in which there were two programmes each featuring a different house made from tyres.

Pretty much the exterior walls were tyres packed layer-by-layer with sand and compacted down. Interior walls were made of straw bales which were of wattle-and-daub construction.

The biggest issue in this was the amount of labour it takes to make the house. For a basic bungalow/single-storey house, both houses took over a year and that was with extra volunteer help as well.

Wikipedia also have some articles on this also.

Good luck! Who knows your next house might be called "GoodYear"!

Cutting one wall from the tyre (the walls are really thin and easily cut out with a sharp 'Stanley' knife or similar) allows one to rapidly and easily fill the tyre with soil and ram it solid. Place the cutout wall on top and attend to the next tyre. It will all hang together just as well as the 'high effort/time consuming method' of filling the complete tyre..

Try Earthship. It is a concept of building ecofriendly houses out of mostly reused materials such as tires. Beyond that you can also google "Earth ship tires" and you will get several hits on houses made with tires. Some of the links also provide information about how it was done. Good luck.