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Hello I made bottons with disney characters and more also ribbons for crafts and more Did you now where I can sell them? Answered

pins, hairbow ribbon, plastic headband, bracelets, neckless, rings, all mexiacn crafts and more



if you make slight differences in the characters, (such as making a white ghost and eggshell color) you could sell them at a farmers market. I've seen a bunch of off brand spongebob squarepants crap. Same with Spider Man.

Etsy is a good place to start. Check there to find the legalities of selling Disney first. They have really good information about what can and can't be sold. There is a way to sell Disney printed stuff its all in how its presented.

Disney characters are licensed. You have to have their permission to sell. It will cost you a fee.

yeah it would be highly illegal to sell the disney pants. but for the rest of the craft stuff look for local flea markets or open ended craft stores. you could sell it on Ebay or craigslist too. Just please, for everyone's sake, spell check anything you write when selling them. It might help you sell more because not a lot of people will by from someone if they have poorly spelled signs and whatnot.

If the items are made with beads that were manufactured with a Disney image on, then the author is legally safe to sell them. I would look at Etsy.com

legally? nowhere. don't you know of any place where people sell hand-made goods in your area? I'd say the internet is out.