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Helo people of Instructable . I want to ask how to Fix bent and wore off Dropout ?? Answered

My dropout bent because I accident step on it when the last paint job. I not realize the bent but until recently. I provide some pictures for you guys to see . 


Looks like you have the right idea with the threaded rod. Grab hold of the rod, hold the frame in place and bend it back.

How about the Dropout ?
It got thin and thinner.
Should I cut the Dropout and weld it with new one ?

If the metal is getting too worn to properly hold the wheel or is just too thin from being in the elements and bends too easily then cut it off an weld a new one in its place.

Thanks for tips . Need to find another body to cut the dropout .

Answer for you and the person asking.

You can find a dropout on another scrap bike and replace yours.

Best if you have or know where to use a brazing tourch. Heat the connected drop out mounts red hot and remove the dropout with a vice or plyers.
On both bikes.

Then replace the good dropout onto / into the mounts of the good bike.

Heat red hot and apply new braze onto / onto the mounting joints. It's easy and if you like try with a bike that is junk first.

If the drop out is just bent. Heat it, hammer, vice , vicegrip what ever it takes and bend it back into shape.

Photos are of a front fork dropout but, is the same idea for the rear one.


to do this you need some good heat proof gloves (for your safety!)and detach the portion as smallest as you can or if you can't detach just lift the whole bike and then do it. just go to your kitchen and light your gas stove then keep that ( the portion which it bended! )over it and for 10 to 20 minutes !
now it will glow like a led in deep red color or if it does not happen just keep it as earlier it is also enough for doing that but the red color is best .
now just press the bent portion with pliers or any other tools you have!

Well, you're halfway there. Now just get a small propane torch. Use it to heat the bend site, then use the rod to bend it back.

Doing this will allow the dropout to hold it's shape when you bend it back, and it will prevent the dropout from snapping off when you bend it (not to mention it will bend easier).


5 years ago

Bench vice?