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Help: Attatching Trolling Motor to PVC Framed boat Answered

Well I am in the process of finishing my PVC John Boat and I need to figure out a way to attach my trolling motor to the back. I was thinking of attaching a 2x4 or 2x6 piece of wood to the back but the only way i could think of attaching it was to drill a few holes in the wood and zip tie it to the back. So I am hoping one of you could give me a suggestion on attaching it securely. Thank you in advance I cant wait for the boat to get in the water with a motor and my instructable to be finished aswell.


. Great job! Doesn't NachoMahma at least get mentioned in your iBle? ;) . I didn't realize your were showing just the transom in the picture above. I thought you had a really funny shaped boat bottom. LOL


11 years ago

I like that idea of using the wormgear clamps and the angle brackets. I think ill try and attach 2 of those to a 2x4 on either side of it. What exactly do you mean by the dimension line?

. And I'd go with more than two clamps - I don't think you realize how much torque you're dealing with. Remember, the thrust put out by the motor/blade is multiplied by the lever. Eg, if the motor puts out 100# of thrust (just grabbed that figure out of thin air, may not be close to what you're using) and the lever is 12" long, that's 100 lb-ft at the mount. 24" = 200 lb-ft, etc. Running the motor as shallow as possible will help.
. Since your mount will be so low, I'd install a 2nd 2x4 at the front and box it in (add sides attached to the mount and 2nd 2x4) - maybe even add a few studs in between. Probably don't need to clamp side 2x4s to PVC.

. The red line that shows how long ~17in is.

. I'd try worm-gear clamps with "rubber" between the metal and PVC. Add an angle bracket (pre-drilled for your board - I'd use a piece of plywood) before you tighten it up. Use as many as you need to handle the power. . You'll probably need some bracing running from the top of your board to the long run of you frame (at bottom of your dimension line).