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Help! Clogged sink =( Answered

My bathroom sink is clogged! Some brainy person decided to wash paper pellets down the sink and well, uhh, it's uber clogged. Two bottles of Draino have not made a difference. Any help? I would really like to be able to wash my hands after using the toilet....

  • Just kidding, there's 2 more bathrooms to use


Draino?? You lazy boy!

Draino won't shift paper, anyway. The only way to shift paper is to unclog the sink the proper way:

Get a bucket, and get under the sink. Under the sink is either a U bend or a bottle trap - unscrew them (with the bucket underneath!) and empty them out. You unscrew two plastic nuts for the U bend, but just the bottom half of the bottle trap. You may need to prod clogged stuff out.

If it's a bottle trap, look down the plug-hole to check whether the central tube is blocked. If it is, poke a skewer or knitting needle down, or splash some water down it to shift the clog.

Be careful - since you have poured unnecessary, caustic chemicals down the drain, you need to wear gloves, and maybe goggles. That stuff is bad for your skin and eyes, and not much better news down the drain.

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Oh yah, gave yee a +, unfortunately I also voted for the LED Blaster *cringes* Sorry!

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It's based on views and ratings - if you vote for lots, they don't get so much of an advantage.

Reaches through monitor to throttle gormless child...

That is hilarious, and I don't even (yet) know what gormless means...

If it makes you feel any better, yours was on of them i rated +. But you did trick me into looking at yours more than any of the others... It's just so hard to choose one. I learned a new word today though...

Ugh! I've gotta U bend, guess I must go unscrew it...

Oh yah, never buy Draino, it plain old sucks (<--'cept for flame throwers), I'm planning to sue the company, the packaging specifically states it will unclog all clogs. Then again how is an acid going to destroy a non reactive clog...

try even stronger acid, or some high pressure (like plasma blasts)

Hmm, pressure against wet paper.....might make quite the "tight wad" of a clog. :-)

if the pressure was high enough, the clog would be blown into the main drain stack, wich has very wide pipes by comparison to the sink drain.

if the pvc or weakened pipes to get blown first ;-)

collateral damages. think of it as another good reason to redo your houses plumbing.

Yeah, well last time I had to work on the plumbing below the sink in the kitchen, I had wished I hadn't. I couldn't get down low enough (my pregnancy got in the way ;-) and taking that freaking drain nut off the drain was awful. I had to cut it off with a cold chisel. I do not want to become a plumber if I have to work in OLD stuff LOL

you have more patience than most people. heres what would have happende had it been me; crawls under sink attempts to remove nut with wrench fails grabs plumbing wrench swears as he skins knuckles fails loses patience curses pipe for 1 minute breaks out dremel cuts nut to ribbons. realizes it was wrong nut.

I had to spend a chunk of yesterday replacing the overflow of our toilet. The hole in the wall is so close to the cistern that I ended up having the cut all the fittings apart, then glue them back together in the right place - one right-angled turn now consists of six separate pieces of PVC clagged together with Serious Glue.

isnt it amazing how a job that should take 20 min takes 2 and a half hours?

at least you could crawl in under there...I couldn't do that (I have gained a bit of weight since I stopped smoking). I said I cut it off with a cold chisel, but now that I think about it.....I didn't get it all the way off that way either. I went out and bought a wrench used only for that nut, and got it off that way, but still with plenty of struggle....pounding, going back to chiseling....back to the wrench and pounded on it....took me a week to do what most plumbers do in an hour or so (I blame most of it on the expansion card pushing my belly out ;-) ).

Oh, if he has copper or chrome pipes (or aluminum or any metal mostly) acid would unclog it, however, it will end up on the floor as it will eat holes in the pipe. :-)

the acid used to etch pcbs should work fine.

ferric chloride (2FeCl3) + H2O = Ferrous Chloride (2FeCl2) + 2HCl (hydrochloric acid).

thats why i said i had mixed results with hydrocloric acid. the clogg and the plumbing vanished mysteriously. i blame ufos attracted to the acid.

Plasma blasts would probably blow up my bathroom...


i was thinking of something on a smaller scale BTW how do you make big letters?

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**** you! I knew that, just wasn't paying attention LOL, call it brain fart...

*grabs home-made plasma gun from under desk and dashes to bathroom*

you have one too? nice. i thought i was the only one

Of course not! I bet Kiteman has several, and I heard everyone at Squid Labs carries one because they are in fact the first line of defense against alien attack...

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rushes to build class D laser and computer guidance system. trips on guy wire and pulls tarp off 15000000 joule, computer aimed, fully automatic rail gun with led

actually, i meant plasma generator, not rail gun.

. IIRC, most drain cleaners are bases (commonly NaOH), not acids.

okay there are three aproaches for it
1get some sulfuric acid and rinse drain (you should do that weekly to prevent decay)
2throw at least 3 plazma grenades (ebay.com/halo3plazmacharge)every monday
35 shots a day from this peice of machinery

halo 3 sparatan laser.jpg

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ummm you could: - Open up the U bend and shove it out with something bendy - Complain - Burn the paper out -blast the paper down the pipe with air pressure until you hear a bang and the neighbours tell you the garden appears to have exploded - Cultivate bacteria to digest the paper - poke with a piece of wire alot, makes holes and breaks the paper up until it shifts - hoover the paper out. - Blow the whole thing to bits My favourite idea has to be using rats, put food in above the paper and a rat underneath, sit and wait saying 'soon my pretties soon'

Coat hanger or piece of wire