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Help Help! My dad's birthday is tomorrow and I need somehting BIG HUGE and SPECIAL to make VERY QUICKLY ! any ideas? Answered

I specifically want something very special, but not anything like 'I love You Forver, You are The best' or anything. like a game, somthing electronics, but keep it simple, I do not know anything about electronics more than a couple facts!


what about an ipad decorated with ribbons wearing his name?


make a really cool necklace out of computer parts

Macaroni necklace.


8 years ago

Download a free public domain classic audiobook from: http://librivox.org/
Burn it to CD or install it on an mp3 player. Makes a great gift.


8 years ago

If you want it to be something special,-and you've left it to the day before??!!,- hmmm, those two don't go together!

Why don't you tell your dad that his birthday is important to you, but you couldn't decide what to get him. Then ask him if he would like you do do something especially for him on his birthday.

Good luck!

How about a calendar so you won't forget his birthday until the last moment next time?

show him u love him if he likes gagets make him a watch out of computer parts like a platic pieace out of a pc with a peace out of a watch

If you really want to convince someone you care about them... doing something that involves actually planning ahead is one of the best ways to say that. If you don't know antying about electronics, you aren't going to build anything electronic in the time you have left.

wat is he interested in? tell me and i can help