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Help! How do I use Sculpey Properly? Answered

I am new to the modeling clay art form. I have been tasked with creating something. I bought sculpey to use, but dont know how. Can anyone tell me how to use it properly?


I am unsure what you mean by properly.

Shape what you want as if it were modelling clay.

Following the instructions on the pack put it in an oven at the right temperature and wait the required amount of time.

It will be hot so take care.

Remove an allow to cool.

It will then be hard.(or at least fairly hard - Some will go very hard and some is like a hard rubber.)


I know I sound like a newb, but when I researched it, I was told to never use a metal pan, but it didnt say anything about glass. The two things it recommended were an oven safe pizza plate or something similar. Sculpey and other modeling clays are expensive here, so I didnt want to mess it up and waste clay

I generally put it on a bit of aluminium foil on an oven sheet. Watch the temperature though as it can burn. Otherwise follow the instructions on the pack. It is easy really.

oh,ok. One last thing. Do I need to ventilate the area?

Not especially - Provided you stick to the reccomended temp then you will be Ok.

IF you over heat it it may smell a bit.