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Help I lost my Mojo Answered

Help, I dont know why but  I've lost my motivation to write Instructables.  Ive got a number of nearly finished instructables, ( go kart   vinyl cutter  ) and a 1/2 finished 3d printed cnc mill project,  just need a push to get them done.
Anyone got some motivation I can borrow?


There's a science behind that.

Thanks to everyone for there encouragement I finally posted an instructable today and feel much better now.

When you find it, can I have half?

I think I found a little bit today, taken some screen shots, written a little bit.

Having trouble getting going?

Yup. Plus nothing I've done recently has been original. Little electronics projects, a bit of gardening, some mediocre woodwork :)

Remember the Zeroth Law - even if the end product has been done before, you could easily have a superior process or write-up.

And what about the science contest or the data visualisation contest - is there nothing in your work you could document for those?




Oh i'm all about providing purpose, motivation and direction.

Go grab your full kit and meet me out front for an easy 4 mile boot and uniform run. We will do it at 0400 in the morning to avoid the heat. Be 15 minutes prior to 15 minutes prior so I know you didn't oversleep. Oh and if you decide to drink an 18 pack of beer the night before, get an IV from the medic so you dont become a heat casulty.

Every time your left foot hits the ground I want you to sound off with Instructables leads the way.

While we are doing this remember.

False motivation is better than no motivation.

Ask not what you can do for Instructables, but what Instructables can do for you.

If its not raining, we are not.... ok I will stop.

thanks matthatter, I gave up coffee a couple of months ago and my caffeine levels have dropped to dangerously low.

I get in front of the computer screen and just go blaaaa... Ill do it later ...

Have you read FM 7-22? Read up on "corrective training". You'll be so upset that you'll put the sewing machine down and write to your congressman.

**crosses out places in previous letter where is says "core curriculum" and substitutes in "corrective training". Letter marked priority and sent.**

Oh, look up the many paracord ibles on keeping your mojo attached to your belt.