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Help! I'm trying to design/build a remote controlled prank flashlight (with a r/c "on/off" rig) Answered

Hi all,

I'm building a haunted house and would like to make a prank flashlight that I can remotely turn off ("oops! The flashlight failed in the dark scary room!").

I'm using a 6V camping flashlight; my plan is to replace the big squareish 6V battery with 4 AA batteries (anyone know if that would work?); I would use the extra space in the battery housing to hide a remote-control system.

Does anyone have any advice to build this prank? I don't know that much about r/c servos etc but I have a soldering kit and can follow instructions decently well enough :)

Many thanks-


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bazalaz (author)2011-09-03

buy a cheap rc car ..basically take the drive motor and electronics out of the rc car and mount in the flashlight. when you push on the controller it will spin a metal bar off the circuit and the light. ....the light will go out

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damianzuch (author)bazalaz2011-09-04


Yup - Tina built it yesterday!!

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damianzuch (author)2011-09-03

OK, my girlfriend Tina has been dremelling and soldering for the last two days. We are going to try to build this rig using an rf control and a servo as an interrupt on a momentary switch. She has been dutifully taking photos so, if this works (and she's very clever so I imagine it will) we will post an instructable before long.

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damianzuch (author)2011-08-29

From vusiliyK:

"The 4 AA batteries will probably work, but wont last as long.

But r/c is more difficult than it looks. You will probably not be able to build and rc circuit yourself, and if you are, it will be infra red. The simplest infrared circuit will probably use the radioshack ir receiver ( http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2049727 ) along with a 38khz ir wave generator circuit (as the transmitter) But even that is complicated, and the schematics might not be easy to find.

I would suggest hacking some cheap remote control toy. For example if you are using an rc car then take the wires that to to the motor and attach them to the light circuit instead. so it would go:

the 4 batteries (+) connected to the negative motor wire, and the other motor wire to the lamp, and the other lamp part to the (-) part of the 4 batteries. The downside is that you would have to use extra batteries (for the rc part) and that you would have to set your remote (with tape or a rubber band) to be constantly on, until you want to turn the light off.

But I wouldn't do any of this. I would get creative and since the room will probably be dark, I would run 2 long wires from the lamp to a switch. This switch can be held by you of you can make it be triggered in a creative way i.e. by a string across the floor that someone will pull or rip with their foot, by an opening door, or something else.

Hope that helps a little.

You can always buy a kit online that's just a rc on/ off switch. I think Ive seen those before but it probably wont be cheap"

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