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Help! Knex Dents! Answered

Help! I have recently found out that i have millions of dents in my walls from knex guns. Are there any easy ways to fix these without plastering/painting? Thanks


This is why I fire all my projectiles at a cushion or a cardboard cut-out

aahhh... the wonderful advantages of having concrete walls in your room...

the unfortunate side effects: i don't have anything to slash at with the removable claws on my armor except my bed... and my window...

eh. armor's fun. especially if it has claws. the left one has claws, the right one can me turned into an arm sword. pretty fun, actually.

i dont have the armor with me... also, my camera and my computer seem to have a mutual hatred of each other...

I was trying to unjam my TDSS by pulling the firing pin back and fiddling with the trigger and I fired at my computer screen. Luckily, I can still see everything perfectly.

I know glass CRT's are pretty tough. This dude hit his glass CRT with a sledgehammer one time, and it only dented the screen a little bit.

I saw a video of that on YouTube. He took 3 swings to smash his screen

>:( My Striker just put a hole THROUGH my 5mm plywood drawer back.

Possibly along with some other carnage pics in my Stryker (funnily enough the name is not a rip-off of your Striker, but the name of the crossbow it is based on) crossbow, which started life as a huge Striker mod and is going in the direction of a huge front tension (like the bow you showed on KI, you really are thinking of everything I am recently!) crossbow. Should be up by... well, probably just over a fortnight.

FORTNIGHT! I thought the age of that word was dead! Woohoo! Anyway, sounds very cool. Looking forward to it!

Yay, I'm back, dry, and warm at last! Shame I don't still have my L98 though. And it will probably be posted around when I said it would.

Tried shooting a wall with your cannon? Trust me, don't try.

I have. Because of that, I was grounded for a week for leaving massive dents on the wall.

i would admit it to your parents first and then they will give you a lighter punishment for being honest

Im not so worried about my parents seeing the busted walls as me seeing the busted walls.

ROFL, are you serious? lol I think the best way is to either repaint it fast or put a poster up (just temporally).

its a paint/goo substance that is pink, but when you put it in the hole it will dry and be white

its a paint/goo substance that is pink, but when you put it in the hole it will dry and be white

Interesting.... Can you get it at a hardware store?

Just leave it be. My room is so bizarre, it has lots of throwing knife stuck in it's walls, a couple of sword slashes, the table's got a lot of cuts from swords, and the floors full of knives, swords, clubs, and other weapons, and I'm fine with it.

Well I'm sure he's talking about hiding it from his parents...not to mention if they for some reason decide to move out I doubt anyone would like the dent pattern around the room.

heres a really comp one, modeling clay(or if its white use glue and paper

I literly blew a large hole through my wall using Wicky's Crossbow. Just put something like a picture or a box over it temporarily.

Hmm If you have white walls tooth paste, otherwise buy premixed filler and use that, don't do it and wait a year to paint it though, it looks bad, I have a a fair bit of my walls like that and we're only now painting...

Hahaah exactly what I did, coz we used to play darts n the dart board was on my shower room door, n my mate (on purpose) wanged a dart as hard as he could (he's pretty strong) and the dart got stuck in the door we needed pliers to get it out. All this was just after my dad had used polyfiller on the door from all the previous holes from darts :P. So I got some tooth paste and filled in so that he would think it was just from before :D.