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Help!! LED Candles- Magnetic Switch Answered

I am working on a Play and we need candles. Since we can't have open flames on stage (fire code=lame) So I want to build or purchase some LEDs candles to use. Here's the catch- I want the actresses to be able to "light" the candles. So my idea was to put a rare earth magnetic in a match book and have them hold it near the candle to start up the LED. The only problem is that with all of the magnetic switches I have seen they are momentary. I want to be able to remove the magnetic field and still have the light be on but once I put it back towards the candle I want to turn the candle back off. Any suggestions of a switch like this or any other bright (no pun intended) ideas?
All comments/ questions/ concerns are welcomed.
Thanks again.


I have seen latching reed switches/relays already, either something like these: some of these latch or a hall effect switch and a flipflop like the CMOS 4013B Each time it gets a postive pulse it switches state and remains.

Thanks so much Goodhart. A few more questions-BTW thanks for the speedy response. OK so If I used the CMOS 4013B could use a magnetic reed switch with it? And, what is the difference between a hall effect switch and a magnetic reed switch? Could I use a latching relay in combination with a magnetic reed switch. Thanks so much! BTW do you want me to email you a link to the make digital edition linked to the article about kirlin photography? Thanks again you rock!

Well, it has been a few years since I fooled about with some of this stuff, so I hope my details don't derail you in any way :-) .

I just picked a random "flip flop" (the cmos4013) as an example, as another may be more suitable depending on voltages requirements etc.
The reed switch, if not locking, would send a signal to the device (CMOS) and the high trigger, would flip the output. Once your magnet is removed, the signal should go low, and the flipflop will not switch again until you send it another "high signal".

Here is an example of a Hall switch description.

Thanks so much man! If I get it working I will make an instructable- maybe we can collaborate(only if you want to). I will order a couple of them and work it out. For the LED candle part I think I will buy premaid ones and hack them up. Here is a cheap LED candle that runs on a CR2032. If I got a few of them I think they could work great. Thanks so much!!

I hope it works :-) and if it does, you are welcome, and if not, I am sorry I didn't have much detail :-)

Thanks, that is Snuggles, so I am promoting my PETS instructable LOL

Already did! Great Second Instructable!!! I think it is funny that you have over 7,000 comments but only 2 instructables but you have contributed more to the community (IMO) than any other member. Keep up the good work!!

Thanks, but what can I say, I love to help others out :-)