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Help Motor Control! Answered

Hey guys,

I need to create a motor that can have a fader/dial so that I can control its speed (rotations). I figure it must be a simple enough system but I don't even know where to begin in terms of parts. I just need it to be strong enough that I can spin a GoPro camera (fairly light - but not toy car motor weak).




Do you want it to spin continuously?

Do you want it to move a certain angle then back?

If you want it to spin continuously you probably want a geared DC motor, a mosfet and some simple PWM circuitry where the dial controls the mark:space ratio of the PWM. You could build it yourself or there are a lot of off the shelf kits you can buy. Search "dc motor PWM kit".

* to be more clear * I want it to be stopped, be able to control its acceleration and then be able to slow it down to a stop again (going in the same direction).

I looked up "dc motor PWM kit" and found some interesting results but they all looked like they move computer fans which are even weaker than most toy car motors - can you point me to anything stronger?

originally i was going to buy a drill and put a power-fader switch and see if that works but that seemed like I wouldn't get the control i need.

Hmmm. More complcated then.

Microcontroller and stepper motor and stepper motor driver? Microcontroller and continuous servo?

continuous rotation servos seems like a good idea! It looks strong enough. I truly mean speed but acceleration would be nice. The more control the better. I appreciate the responses! So where do I even start with getting one/ getting it to work haha (I'm not a genius sadly).

It's not the cheapest way, but probably the easiest for a beginner since there'll be very little soldering to do and no PCB design.... Get yourself an arduino and motor shield plus a continuous servo. Find a few good tutorials, there are hundreds on Instructables, Arduino.cc, Adafruit, Make. Then remember to write the project up so we see what you're trying to do :p

hahah will do - Should I worry about the size of servo I buy and its connection to the arduino and motor shield ?

Do you really mean control the acceleration, or the velocity ?

Why not just use a servo or s stepper motor?

search mouse wheel rotary encoder motor/