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Help! Need great hamburger substitute Answered

Am having some friends over for cookout. One of the guests is vegetarian and also allergic to gluten/wheat. I need an easy but great tasting substitute for hamburger. Can anyone help please.


To anyone seeking a wheat or gluten-free vegetarian meat substitute--it's my understanding that all of the Boca Burgers and Morningstar products contain wheat gluten  and some Quorn products contain wheat. protein    In fact most vegetarian meat substitutes use wheat gluten, unfortunately.   

Do you need a substitute (fake meat or hamburger) or do you need an alternative - which is tasty and vegetarian, but not pretending to be meat?  For my vegetarian friends I would go for the second option.

Some suggestions:

Big flat mushrooms can be brushed with oil, sprinkled with herbs/garlic and grilled.

Eggplant (aubergine) can be sliced, brushed with oil and grilled, add some parmesan or cheddar type cheese for a knockout flavour.

Some recipes here and also here

Hope these ideas help

I agree, my boyfriend's family usually grills me portabella caps on a layer of punched foil when they have us over for a grill out. Just brush them with some garlic olive oil... they dress up just like a burger.

good luck!

Large portobello mushrooms may also go over well with non-veggies. I usually grab one if there are enough to spare.

As a vegetarian with plenty of vegetarian friends, I recommend the "Quorn" burger, if you can get them where you are. They're made from mycoprotein-- pretty much ground up mushrooms. Lots of commercial fake-burgers use wheat or other gluten.

You can get tofu,a soy based product that you can season and grill.

Thanks for your reply. I have heard this, but can I make tofu really taste like hamburger? I have never done this.

I am sure that those that choose to be vegetarian are aware of the limited choices that sometimes they have. But that doesn't stop them of becoming creative with what they have!

Some of the commercial ones (morning star?) ...'something' star anyway, I think... has a pretty tasty mushroom based veggie faux-burger. I used to keep them around back when I dated vegan hippy chicks.


7 years ago

Boca Burgers can be found in the freezer section of your local grocer. They are also pretty good!


Hit your supermarket's freezer shelves for veggie burgers -- checking the label to find a gluen-free version. Or websearch for recipes. The ones which actually taste good usually don't taste a great deal like hamburger, though.)