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Help: Nexus 4 LCD Touch Screen to Android Mini PC Answered

Hi there,

I am attempting to build a portable computer (not exactly sure what to call it). I'm essentially taking the LCD Screen and Touch Digitizer, found in a Nexus 4, and connecting them to an Android Mini PC. I've been looking for a touch digitizer to female micro-USB port connector so it may be connected to the Mini PC via USB port for touch functionality, but have had no luck. On the other hand I'm planning to connect the LCD Display to an HDMI Cable to connect to the Mini PC, and have had no luck there either.

Does anyone know how to connect a replacement phone screen to a Mini PC and still have touch functionality?

Here are some images of the touch screen.


You need the electronics and the driver for the display/touchpanel...

What you have is basically the same like a bare panel from a PC screen - how would you connect that to your PC without the electronics ?

What I'm having trouble with is, which driver? I honestly can't find or think of any that may connect the two.

Ok, I will start from scratch:

For a touchscreen display to work you need these things:

a) a screen
b) electronics to convert the signals from the grafics card/tuner for the display
c) a touchpanel
d) a way to tell the OS how to address the touchpanel

At this stage you only have a) and c) with no way to get them to work with your mini PC.

For around 50 bucks you can get used touchscreens monitors on Ebay they give a standard VGA connector and would only have to check if there are models supported by Android directly, otherwise write your driver for the touchpanel.

For a bit more you get touch screens panels that offer a standad vga connector and a panel output for the integration into custom projects.
Since those panels used the standard addressing in Xand Y axis it should be quite easy to find or write a driver.

That makes more sense now. I had found Touch Screen Panels earlier, but they were all resistive touch, whereas I want smoother touch functionality which is why I was looking for Cell Phone Screens as they have capacitive touch screens.

With the power of modern tablets wouldn't it be easier to use one for your project?

I mean as a whole unit in a frame?
Windows based car PC's including touch monitors are available for quite a while, Android based systems not so much as a tablet has it all included.
With additional hardware the can be used to monitor things, act as an oscilloscope and so on.

On a second (or third ;) ) thought I think you try to "misuse" one of these Android sticks for the TV.
And even if not, they might actually be an alternative solution to your problem.
All you need is a monitor with HDMI input and a 5V USB supply.
The actual "touch action" as well as keyboard inputs can be handled by an "airmouse", you also get device like a gamepad to connect with them.
Although you would be limited in terms of connections, some "sticks" actually offer USB OTG ports and support USB hubs.