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Help Set A WORLD RECORD Answered

Fire Fox three is going to (officially) be released soon. Pledge to download it on DOWNLOAD DAY. Over 1 million people have already pledged to do so. I just thought most of us here on instructables LOVE Firefox so I though id post this ! **im not trying to seem like an advertiser here



10 years ago

My response to that image (I know it is bad)

IE vs. FF.jpg

Looks like you hate firefox...

you made it in paint didn't you ??? on a Microsoft computer ????

No, photoshop. I am just not very good with it.

But you did use a windows computer ??? GRR

My whole family uses windows so if I didn't use windows, it would be very hard for me to have a compatable computer. I do use firefox sometimes when IE starts glitching.

LOL....... yeah..... is that all it dose ??? I would say it dose a bit more then glitch .....lol... and then IE went and copied firefox.... with the whole tabbed thing....


oh no illegal operations SUE IE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111ELEVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111one

I only worked on that image for a few minutes. This one took a few hours.

Robot point.jpg

I took a few breaks and was multi tasking

What do you have against firefox? Read: What do you have against sense?


10 years ago

Don't mess with IE or it will mess with you.

Pfffttth! :-D

Okay then. The internet explorer logo will self destruct in






have a nice day



And good riddance too...

That logo in fhe firefox's mouth just exploded.

Yum - pop rocks. :-)

More like fried fox.

Just teasing you IE users, someone's got to keep you on your toes while the fox is lurking around ...

IE is guarded with flesh cutting lasers

Ya I've seen the Blue flesh cutting laser light up my monitor from time to time, but only while using microshafts product, but the only time I think it would cut my flesh is if I try picking the broken and busted windows computer up off the side walk, after doing some thing useful with it, like tossing it off the roof ......

IE is guarded with a paper fence...... now Firefox has IE Destructing Robots.... Firefox is just better Mozilla's engines are just better more it professionals use Firefox then IE i guarantee it..... ITS JUST BETTER Decides if you think IE is better nobody will believe you because your a windows user.....


Yeah, typical Micro$oft - no concern for the User...

Your welcome.... would you now like to see a pretty blue screen logo ?? that can be done in HTML only for IE 7and Vista, oh and IE 6 and 5, 4 ,right to win 95, hell it might even work on 3.11.......

Oh yes, Internet explorer will mess with me, mess with me, mess with me, mess with me.
Can someone reboot this computer, Internet explorer just sh!t the bed again!

yeah it will crash your windows computer...LOL I have to say IE SUCKS its not open source..... IE is a Microsoft program Microsoft has made my life miserable with all there errors..... Microsoft error reporting SUCKS because NOBODY EVER dose anything about it........... so if something don't work micro soft DOSE NOT CARE I dont hate microsoft I just dont like the way it works If you don't like Firefox try OPERA..... its open source and still better than IE

no, both firefox and internet explorer suck. Safari rules!

I am with you! Firefox makes my computer sooooo slow...

....... I have a mac but I still use Firefox...... safari is just to weird........ but its still better than IE

i have three computers. A mac that uses safari, a windows pc that uses firefox, and a windows laptop that uses internet explorer. and i prefer safari out of all of them with firefox as my second favorite

no, it still sucks. it just sucks less then internet explorer

Well I agree half with you IE SUCKS..... I don't mind safari... But Firefox is open source......

ok IE is the worst 1 it sucks 2 many many problems 3 what is the point of it 4 it sucks PERIOD