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Help With Ipod Connector Converter Answered

I would like to know how , or if its possible to convert the ipod connector to a different plug.

I know it doesnt make sense, but maybe this will help

For my truck, they only make a cable that attaches to the stereo to the bottom plug of an ipod. Is there a way to convert it so that I can plug in my Sansa Mp3 player?



Your Nissan has an iPod control system built into it. The connector is for that. No, you cannot convert it to work with your Sansa player, since they speak a different language than the iPod. You can patch a stereo cable into your Nissan's audio system that will allow your Sansa to play through the stereo when it's switched to iPod mode. The controls on your steering wheel won't function though. You could patch that stereo cable into an adapter for the connector (if you can find a female connector), but it would be much easier to patch it into the stereo's own connector and run a new cable to the glove compartment.

how would I patch the cable into the stereo? I dont have auxillary ports in the back

You'll have to fine the specs on your stereo or trace back the lines on the actual connector. The pinnout of the port indicates that the stereo lines are on pins 3 & 4 (ground on pins 1 & 2). See this page.

. Geez. Control didn't even occur to me. I was focused on audio only.

. You need to talk to someone else for the details. It should be very possible to use the headphone jack, but it may require 1-2 small resistors. Impedence matching may be important to your player.

. If you can get pinouts for the Sansa connector and the truck cable, you should be able to jury-rig something. They should all be line level, but all you need is a small resistor if not. . Power may be a little more difficult.

what about just converting the ipod connector to a headphone jack? is that possible?