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Help With Toshiba Notebook Drivers? Answered


I recently reloaded a Toshiba Satellite A70-S249 Notebook Computer. I reloaded it with the Windows disk but I am having trouble with finding the hardware drivers for it. I need drivers for most the hardware including the:

Video Card
Sound Card

I have looked all over the internet and cannot find the drivers. I was hoping somebody could post a link to a website were I could download the drivers.

I want the actual drivers not one of these programs that searches the internet and finds the correct drivers.



Toshiba is probably your best (and safest) bet. I've got you a link to their drivers page with your model number already entered HERE. You'll have to select your OS as you neglected to mention the version you installed. Then select from the category list for each of your hardware driver needs. :)

Thankyou for your help. I went to toshibas page and I was able to download the modem driver but that was the only problem hardware that I was able to download the drivers for That leaves me with:

Multimedia Audio Controller
SM Bus Controller
Video Controller(VGA Compatible)

I also tried the link to microsofts website but I could not find anything there either.

So if you have any more ideas I would apreciate it

Thankyou very much for your help. You seem to be one of the most helpfull people on here because you answer my questions very often.

You're welcome. (I'm not sure that's a good thing for me or not. lol)

What version of windows have you installed? I'll take a closer look if you give me the info.

I have Windows XP professional service pack 3 it has all the windows updates into it.


P.S. You must be sitting right at your computer like I am because you are responding to me very quickly. It's almost like were instant messaging.

Sorry. I had to go out for a bit... (but I'm back now).

For both the sound card and video card drivers go to:

Start > Control Panel > System > Hardware > Sound, video and game controllers

Double click the card, then click the Driver tab and click Update Driver

For the USB, there is a known issue after re-installing Windows XP, so you must go to:

Start > Control Panel > Performance & Maintenance > System > Hardware > Device Manager

Uninstall any USB devices followed by (!) Exclamation points. Then restart windows... XP will find the uninstalled device and will locate a driver.

I hope this helps. XP support is dwindling... :D

I am sorry I couldn't get back to you until this morning. I tried what you sugested and it fixed the USB but the video sound and sm bus controllers still have problems. They just search for drivers and then tell me there are no drivers. By the wat the sound video and sm bus controllers aren't listed in the corect category. They are in the unknown devices category and just have big question marks. Thanks for the help so far.

One other thing you could try doing is deleting the 'devices' from the unknown category and then reboot your PC (just do one at a time). There's a chance that XP will find them after a reboot and search out the drivers for you. Sometimes during a reinstall, the information gets muddled, and then XP doesn't know what to do, especially if it no longer recognizes the hardware. This was obviously the case with the USB, so give it a try on the others, and let me know what happens.

I tried this and as you suspected it didn't work. It was worth a try anyway.


Ok, this is probably one of your last options.

There's a website called xpdrivers.com 

I checked them out and the reports are good. They are a U.S. company and have been verified by companies like Norton, to be safe. They boast a good db of drivers, so check them out and see if that helps you. 

You can search by driver or download their free Driver Scan Tool. 


I went to their website and I downloaded the automatic installer. I installed it and then ran it. After it searched it told me the drivers that I was missing. It then asked me if I wanted to fix the driver problems. I told it that I did want to fix the problems. After I told it to take care of the problems it brought up a window telling me to register the software. It then took me out to website where it turns out I have to pay them 30 dollars. I have already found a program where it will fix the drivers for thirty dollars. The one I found was directly from Toshiba so I am more inclined to use it.

Also when I search for individual drivers on the xpdrivers website it just leads me to their driver scan tool.

I am not entirely opposed to paying thirty dollars for the drivers, but I wanted to be sure that I couldn't find them for free first.

It is starting to look like I am going to have to pay thirty dollars for the drivers.

Thanks for all your help and let me know if you have any more ideas.

Sorry I wasn't aware that they'd try and hook you into paying... all I confirmed was that there was no scam or virus etc associated with the company.

I would imagine you could get free drivers. They existed before. They exist now.
Trouble is they are getting harder to find and therefore companies are trying to cash in on that fact. I would have an easier time helping you with your Notebook, but obviously that's not an option.

Have you at a last resort tried contacting Toshiba? You could suggest politely that if they are unable or unwilling to support their products, you will most certainly share such information with the public, and not purchase from them further.

It's worth a try.

I will try to call Toshiba to see if I can get a CD with the drivers on it. I would guess that they are just going to point me to their online driver scanner program, which as I said before I have to pay for. I am not sure how much good sugesting that I won't buy anymore of their products will do, because I will probably be talking to someone in China who can barely speak english and is just reading a script off of a computer screen. But like you said, it is worth a try. I will call them tomorrow and tell you how it goes.

I would argue the logic in having to purchase anything further... You bought the notebook. It's not broken. It simply needs a necessary component (drivers) that should have been addressed in their "recovery cd", but obviously it has not.

The only other place to try contacting is Microsoft... (i know... long shot). My past experience was not good. It was so bad in fact that I gave up on "Windon'ts" and bought myself a MacBook. I'll never go back to a PC.

Let me know what happens.

OK here is the latest and hopefully the las installment of the toshiba laptop saga. In order to call Toshiba I needed to find the customer service phone number, periodically I am tempted to remind the customer service department that their name is "customer service" and not "You'll never find us". Anyway while I was trying to find the phone number I discovered yet another driver page on their website. Thankfully this time it had the drivers that I need. So I installed the drivers and they seem to work. So it works HOORAY FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By the way I hate windows, microsoft, and PCs as much as you do. Unfortunatelly since 85% of all computers run windows it is one of those evils we need to live with. I personally think the antitrust lawsuit should have chopped up that monopolous serpent into so many pieces that it could never be put back together. I don't use Macs but I use Ubuntu Linux for everything I possibly can.

Thanks so much for all of your help. I will be sending you a patch for all of the help you have given me.

Well I'm glad you finally got everything working... even though it took a while. As I said, their support of XP is dwindling, so the chances of finding what you need as time goes on becomes less and less likely.

Just so you know, since I switched to a Mac I have never been happier. I don't have the same issues as I did with a PC and Windon'ts... They don't get viruses like a PC does (in fact they really aren't affected much at all)... I work for a living on my machine. There isn't ONE program that I need, that I can't run on a Mac, so you are not limited to using a PC, windows or microsoft products. There are actually more free apps available to a mac that do the same thing. I have "Open Office" on my Mac. It cost me nothing and gives me the same thing as MS Office. There's only a few apps, once and awhile, that I run into that don't support a Mac, but there's usually another alternative and more times than not its a better solution.

It's something to keep in mind. I use to be pro PC, but now that I've switched, there is no going back.

Thanks very much for the patch! - I appreciate it. (I haven't got many). :)

Oh, btw, don't forget to mark this question as answered... :)

I selected your question as best answer. I don't understand why people don't send patches to each other more. I like the patches.

Thanks for the best answer and the patch. I'm not sure why people don't send them as much... I've only been on Instructables for about a month or so (even though I signed up in August). I've sent out a few already. I try to use them when people go out of their way to do something and it requires a thank you. So ya, I like them too.

I was afraid of that. Unfortunately the support for XP is disappearing and things like drivers aren't necessarily updated or even maintained anymore.

I'll see what I can do in finding you another option.

You can also go to Microsoft for Driver Updates. (You may not be able to view all your devices in the Device Manager when the drivers are not installed). Windows has methods of detecting your hardware and driver needs. From the list HERE at Microsoft, select your OS version to get more info.

Here's the download page for the drivers from Toshiba.  You are smart not to get a program that claims to "fix" your drivers for you.  Most of those are trojans, but I don't think any of us here would suggest those to you.  :)

If you don't find all of the drivers you need here, do what blkhawk said, but I would install directly from Toshiba for the ones that you can find.

Good luck!  :)

I couldn't find any drivers for my problem hardware here but thanks for trying

My problem hardware is:
Multimedia Audio Controller
SM Bus Controller
Video Controller

I would contact Toshiba directly and ask for your drivers. They must have them someplace... the problem is that their website is not really organized.  Some people have problems finding their contact us page, so here's a link.

On your screen go to Start→Control Panel→System→Device Manager. A list of your hardware recognized by the system will come up. See if any hardware listed has a yellow symbol on it. If you click any of them another window will open and it will have a tab with Driver on it. Click on the Driver tab and you will have the option of Update Driver. You need to try this while connected to the internet. Be patient because it might take a while. I hope this resolve your problem.

This didn't work. When I did this the driver update window just searched for a while and then it couldn't find anything.

Thanks Anyway