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Help - Worms of composting bin escape Answered

hello, I had some trouble with escape of worms in my composting bin. What should I do?


Put the container in a lighted room.
You can use a simple styrafome cooler to grow worms however they will find the smallest crack to get out.
Worms don’t like light so put the container in a lighted room with the light on 24 hours a day, they will stay in the cooler to hide from the light.

Make sure your bin has fresh air getting to it Set the lid to a little off the rim
Did you put something too pungent in the bin, they hate onions, rosemary, mint and other strong smells.
Is there too much fluid, liquid in there
I have been raising red wigglers for over 7 years and when I fail to do the air ventilation that is when I run into the worms running to the rim and trying to get out however they can.


5 years ago

Try putting a fine mesh screen around the perimeter. You don't indicate the type of construction of your compost bin so it's difficult to give you any suggestions. Perhaps you could post a pic?

Either close up the gaps they are getting through, keep the compost away from said gaps, or mount an armed guard.

You forggayt about worm boys".
There was a song originally written for them.
but someone hijecked it for another purpose.
Te Blues Brothers sang the hijecked rather than the original, against my advice.
Here is part of the original.
"Squirming , Squirming Squirming Keep those red worms squirming, Squirming in the compost, raw slime"