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Help finding an old flash game? Answered

Hey, Its been a while since I played this game but I hope one of you will be able to find it.

From what I remember, its was an old, flash based game, online, centered around drag racing. You could race in different events against different cars, and if I remember correctly you could also bet in it (no real money involved).

Is was an early form of 3D, and not 8 bit (so not streetrod, but along the same lines). I remember being able to upgrade the car, and peing pinkslipped multiple times. I think the name started with a B.

If someone knew what this is it would be awesome, been looking for it for around 3 years..


Maybe Street Racing by Zynga? It's no longer available, unfortunately. I remember playing a game that matched some of your description on Facebook years ago, so I searched for "zynga racing game" and found that. I think it might have been a different game that I played, but I couldn't find it in my Facebook apps list. The one I played was side-view, though, and it didn't have venues. You could try asking here; they're pretty good at finding stuff.

Was it called Big Time Racing?

It's a 3D Flash, auto racing game that allows you to bet with "virtual" money....

*link didn't work the first time... and you'll have to wait for the Ad...

Sorry, dont think thats it. I just realized how many drag racing games were out there.

I do remember it was not really 3D, just a view of the back of the car, and scenery coming towards you (not a side or isometric view). I also remember chinatown being one of the venues.