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Help finish the Electric Trike instructable Answered

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Hey, Cavemen Feel free to chip in and review / edit / expand the trike instructable...

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Patrik (author)2007-12-26

Uhm - which trike instructable?

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Garreth (author)Patrik2007-12-27

Sorry - this was more meant for a few specific folk that were working on it. The Caveman Collective is a collaborator on the "Homemade Electric Vehicle" instructable, which is about 60% complete. Take a look if you like!

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demon monk (author)Garreth2007-12-27

I think what Patrik is saying is, there's nothing for us to review =) except a picture, that is. I can't find a link to any text or anything.

As for my part, I still need to toss up some diagrams for the body parts - I'll start on that today, should be able to finish them off after verifying some measurements off the finished trikes.

Thanks for getting this started! =)

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