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Help making LED light boxes w/ strobe functions for stage? Answered

Hello, im brand new here!

Im hoping someone could help me with the electronic side of some LED lightboxes im trying to build for my band.

The boxes im imagining have a face approx 30X10cm with approx 50 LEDs in each and i plan to build two identical boxes, one for either side of the stage.
Can anyone help with maybe a schematic or some instructions as to how i can build and power such units?

And if anyone is willing to help further, i would also like to have a built in function where the lights stay on solid, but can strobe (like a regular strobe light) when activated by a foot switch wired to each box.
Im not bothered if it requires a separate individual switch wired to each, or if its possible to wire a single master to both.

Hope someone can help!


Not difficult. The issue will be the power drives to the LEDs, what LEDs are you plannng to use ?


Hey! Im not sure sorry, im not really knowledgeable in the components department. Preferably bright white ones? :)
What would you suggest?


Start with the LEDs !!

Where are you in the world ?


Thanks, but i have no idea what im looking for, sorry

Maybe instead of "not really knowledgeable" i should have said "Clueless"

And instead of help i should have said "please show me exactly what to do"
Can you still "help"? :)

Hmm. The device I was looking at, which is 6 quid in the UK is 47 AUD !!!!!

Take look on Ebay for high brightness white LEDS - you should be looking at stuff like these:


These are going to be very easy to mount, and to drive lots of them. Buy as many as your budget permits.


Ok great!
Thanks heaps!
By mount, do you mean they will require a socket?
Should i be able to source them localy, or would mounting them onto a MDF or masonite board be sufficient?

And, is it possible/difficult to link these up to a single power source?
Obviously im going to focus on getting the basic prototype up and running, but at a letter date, would you be able to assist me with the strobe functions?

Thanks so much!

Yes, they'll need a socket. The ones I've suggested are just like the low voltage halogen lamps, so they need a very small connection on the back.

Wire them all in parallel, and connect to a 12V supply, see if that's the kind of brightness you want, then making them strobe isn't going to be too hard.


Hey! Ok its been a while, i got the boxes up and running a couple of months ago and have been enjoying them with their basic ON/OFF switch just fine.

Now im ready to get a little more interesting.
These are the lights i ended up going with:
They're quite bright and run off of a 12Volt battery. Can you suggest where i can look now to implement the strobe functions i mentioned above? And hopefully also guide me in implementing a remote foot control to switch between steady and flashing?


I just found these on ebay:


I think two of these panels in each box would be ideal (a bit bigger than i outlined but not a problem!)
and they seem pretty cheap.

does anyone have experience with these?
or could help me wire them to suit my needs?