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Help me find stuff on book binding? Answered

Ok, i took a look around the instructables a few times and found a few good things on book binding but not what im really after.. i think i have the basic idea down for how to bind pages or " folios " together to make a basic coptic book. But what i cant find is how to attach a leather cover to the spine of the book. It seems that when someone learns this skill there sworn to secrecy or they make a tutorial you have to pay $50 to see.. im looking for a good free resource with clean and easy to understand instructions, not horrible drawn in MS paint diagrams and patchy descriptions of what it should look like.. If you know of anything or if you know how to do this please post an instructable or link me? ill make a few instructabls when i learn the steps. - Thanks! ps. here is an image of something simpler to what i want to make.


goog tutorial here with pics and free http://www.tortagialla.com/2010/08/09/longstitch-bookbinding-tutorial-for-a-leather-journal/

Those are bound using long stitch.

I give lessons in book binding. Please check out my site on : www.markcockrambooks.co.uk Thanks.

Wow! those links rock!! thanks a bunch! anything like that helps me a ton.

. They were both on the first page of Google hits for "coptic book"

nice hahaha.. i have been typing "book binding tutorial" and stuff like that..

. heehee. Target fixation. "You have to open your mind." . I've done the same thing - search for hours, without luck, and someone will say "Try ." Presto!