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Help me make Owl Talon Necklaces!? Answered

I have recently come by 2 very fresh and very real Owl's Talons. Theyre about 4-5 inches long and look really awesome.

I want to make necklaces out of them, preferably with them grasping/holding a stone of some sort.

The problem is I have no idea how to do this since these are real. I dont know much about taxidermy at all or if its totally necessary here and I'm not sure how to clean them either. I'm also not sure how to set the toes to make them grasp anything.

Basically I dont know the first thing about this project and need all the help I can get. Plus its for a girl so I will really REALLY appreciate everyone that helps me out. :)

Here is an image of the talons, I hope it makes things easier.


(also if there is any question about it, no i did not go out and kill some poor owl)


I have got Owl Talon Necklaces


Maybe look at the various projects about making jerky to see if they'd be a suitable way of preserving the legs?

Koosie has the right idea about gluing the stones into place, though.

()Where on earth did you get hold of owl legs?  And what kind of owl is was it?)

Woke up, went out to shed to do jump rope and near the wall behind a desk near the weight bench was...a dead owl. I have no idea how it died, I dont know how to tell how old an owl is either. It looked full grown to me, we see them out where I live all the time really, but I've only seen one dead when it got hit by a truck one night.

Until now, and as for the body I just tossed it into the woods. I figure thats basically what would happen if it hadnt died on my dad's property. Coyote food, maybe possums, plenty of things around here will eat any dead animal they find.

ya, thats totally it, identical to my eyes

Ok, yeah those are barn owls then.

Yep based on the leg pic they are barn owl legs, And it is VERY illegal to have body parts of them. Migratory bird act protects many non-hunted wild birds. As with feathers it is illegal to have body parts. No way to prove you didn't kill it.

the best way to is w/o the legs just tallons get the smallest drill bit you can and drill strait thrue the top of the tall on and do the same with gems or stones/rocks whatever you are going to put on there

Just to note that even the possession of owl parts in the US is proscribed by law. Unless you're native american.

The owl laws here are pretty protective for sure, there is even a whole family living in a nearby old farm silo that the owner wanted to demolish but couldnt because of the owls living inside.

If you have a link to the specific laws though I'd appreciate it because I couldnt find it with just a quick google search.

discussion references
Migratory Bird Treaty Act, might need to go further for legality of owl parts, may also follow logic for protected endangered species against poachers.

it looks like to preserve them they just put some kinda mixture of corn meal/borax stuff over them.

Do you know how to make sure their germ free? Because their owls feet they have little feathers on them I think that most birds lack but owls have to help them fly more silently. My worry is germs in the feathers.

 I do not know how to sanitize feathers.  Taxidermy is not my thing.  Maybe salts or some other dry rub might work.  I don't think you want to soak in chlorine bleach solution or saturate with Lysol spray.


8 years ago

You could use superglue to hold the talons to the gemstone and use a drill to put a whole through the leg/shin for the necklace rope.

Don't know how long the superglue would hold though.