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Help me to share my campaign on indiegogo Answered


My name is Konrad, some of you may know me some of you not, but today is the day when you can do something for me. How? I have just started my campaign on indiegogo. I would like to get tools to give you more instructables

SO... I am asking you to check it out my campaign and maybe share it, maybe contribute... It will be your choice ;)

Of course every contributor will get something... I have prepared some stickers design that you will get after contributing.

Thank you in advance for sharing, contributing and reading my instructables! AND REMEMBER:


And... here is the link: LINK


We need two things:

> A more convincing argument than "gimme".

> A link to the actual campaign!

hey! My bad :D

here is the link: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/show-your-awesomness-by-funding-tools/

So, why a 3D printer? Have you decided which one?

Do you have a ready supply of filament in Poland?

Would a laser cutter or CNC mill not make more sense?

There is some reasons that I chose the 3D printer.

One of them is that I have just started my first year on university.
I am studying Industrial Design and during next 3,5 years I will learn how to use CAD programs professionally (today my experience is just amateur and based on the internet tutorials) 3D printer will be usefull not only for making things as a DIY maker but for the university purposes too.

It isn't difficult to buy filament in Poland ;) PLA and ABS filament is accesible Poland have its own 3D printer brand - ZORTAX designed by students of university of technology in Olsztyn.

I don't have enough space for CNC mill in my house. 3D printer in my opinion gives a lot more possibility than CNC mill or laser cutter.

I was considering three models of 3D printer but not decided which one yet.

That all makes sense.

Some people don't think through significant purchases like that.

I always try to plan everything and make sure that it will make sense ;)

thank you forr leaving comments ;)