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Help me with project ideas, I need a LONG TERM, electrical project? Answered

 I'm bored out of my mind, and normally I do small things on Instructables, but now I'd like to do a LONG TERM project, that won't rape my wallet. I'd like this project to be electrical, and interesting. SO, this is a great time to show off your work!



Best Answer 8 years ago

Once my degree's done my long term project in my spare time will be a reprap 3d printer or similar. You could get a head start on me then once you're finished mail me some of the plastic parts it prints :p

 I love the idea! I've been looking for a 3D Printer, and though it's not cheap, it's a great idea!

Will have to make it with interchangable nozzles :D

As others have said, go for robotics.

To keep it cheap, go for B.E.A.M. robotics, as they are usually made from parts scavanged from old electronics.


8 years ago

Robotics, CNC machine, laser plotter, 3d printer, tube amplifier.   Hmmm, but some of those aren't exactly cheap.

I suggest you build a while microcosm of small, interdependent solar powered robots that "feed" on their environment and on each other.  They could simulate life on a basic level.  It would be fun to watch.

Robotics is about as open ended as its possible to get.


I agree.  There is also the possibility for huge amounts of savaging for parts at very low expense.

of savaging for parts a

What with ? Rustweillers ? 

I meant scavenging.   It's too early in the morning for me.