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Help needed Can you tell me how to make this? Answered

Can someone look at this link 


and let me know if you can tell me how to make one of these?

thanks in advance 



5 years ago

An iron stamp can take a heated penny placed between a top and bottom die,
which is then struck by an eight pound hammer with good results.


Here's a link to a site that shows a penny press made as a college project. There's an e-mail link, so you might be able to get in touch with the guy.

This is not a project for the average person.
You would need a well equipped machine shop to make it.

Thanks so much for all your help.

I guess I didn't think about how hard it might be to come across certain tools or items needed to make this.

I guess I was hoping to find a easy way to leave an imprint on a coin and this type of machine was the first thing that came to mind.

Thanks again. :)

The amount of "pressure" needed to impress a penny, even though it is mostly zinc now and very little copper, is still impressively high.

However, if willing to move away from the idea of a crank style press, to one where you'd have a simple die, placed inside a small holder that could be struck with a hammer or small sledge to make the imprint, that would probably be easier (although still not EASY) to make. Kind of an enclosed "punch" type situation.

That's sounds like a good idea. Although I'm not sure if I am strong enough to hit it hard enough to leave the impression. I guess I need to experiment with it. Thanks for your help :)

Understood, I am not even sure I could make a "good" impression (pun completely intended LOL) with just a hammer either.

I was thinking along the lines of something with either levers (to increase the strength of the strike) or something spring loaded (like some punches are made...see pic). Either one however would only be marginally easier to build then the crank press I am afraid.

The first pic shows one you pull back the end and let if go to make the punch mark, and the one next to it, you strike, and the spring/lever mechanism inside increases the force of the strike. I know, and am sorry that this is probably not very helpful, however, in getting you closer to your goal.

Spring Loaded Center Punch Large.jpgSpringLoadedCenterPunch_KTI70002.jpg

I forgot to mention it is a handheld machine to press pennies... Like you do in the parks and stuff u visit except this version is able to transport with ease. ;)