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Help needed for making the WIre Loop Game Answered


I wish to make the Wire Loop Game for a childrens' fun-n-fair. But I wish to add a simple SCR/circuit so that the buzzer sounds continuously instead of momentarily, once the loop touches the other wire.

Can someone please show me or direct me to a website with a simple SCR circuit, which is easily available (in India since I'm from there) that can do the job? If a readily available transistor can do this job, that would be good too.

Any help greatly appreciated!




Best Answer 7 years ago

Here is a very simple circuit for your game.


The simplest way to do this would be to use a standard relay which would latch itself ON when it was triggered by the loop touching the wire.  There's a circuit to do this HERE - scroll down to where it says 'latching relay circuit'.
The 'trigger button' would be the loop contact and the 'device' would be the buzzer.  The 'reset' button cancels the latching and prepares the game for the next try.

+1, definitely the way to go, if you want to go that way.

or a 555 set to bistable - and have the 'starting position' for the wand turn it off, and the length of wire turn it on.