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Help needed to convert a mobile cam into a multitouch? Answered

I have a old mobile phone with a camera, how to use it to develop it as a multi touch sensor/pad?

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jeff-oBest Answer (author)2010-04-13

Short answer:  You can't.

Long answer:  The camera is likely not suitable for use as the "Sensor" in a multitouch panel, since it is designed to be highly integrated into the phone.  It may even be completely proprietary, making it extremely difficult to use.  You would need to develop a completely custom USB interface for it, and write drivers for the computer so the two can communicate.  I'm not saying it can't be done, but the extreme time and effort required would make it a futile effort.

It would be better to follow the path that others have taken, using a traditional webcam as the sensor.

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DELETED_GuardianFox (author)2010-04-13

We need a lot more information on what you have and also on what you want to do with it.

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