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Help on interfacing CAT35C104 Serial EEPROM to my arduino UNO please.? Answered

I'm still semi new to Arduino, but I can read/write to analog/digital pins and communicate via I2C and SPI with other devices and micro controllers, but those are more widely known and I have here with me a ton of 8 PIN DIP, CAT35C104 Serial EEPROM IC's.. And with all that EEPROM lying around I wanted to put it to some use. But I am still not an expert and don't know how to begin to interface it to my Arduino UNO R3.. :L

Specifically it shows: CAT35C104 Serial EEPROM 4kb data storage, 512 x 8 bit registers, 256 x 16 bit

Can anyone help me get this to work?
I also have trouble with "opcodes" kinda confused..
right now I know the times it takes to read/write, and the clock frequency (1MHz)
And the pin diagram..

Any help would be appreciated!!!!!

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steveastroukBest Answer (author)2013-02-25

Start with a datasheet.

That's the pinout. Then decide if you're going to bit-bang SPI or use the onboard SPI on the Arduino.

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frollard (author)steveastrouk2013-02-25


If you can use SPI, you can talk to this chip - just rather than using the arduino built in eprom library, you have to send and receive packets of information with instructions then listen for the response.

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Mudbud (author)frollard2013-02-25

It says in the Serial library that SPI speeds are 0 - 4, 4 being fastest, this specific EEPROM runs at 1mhz tops, so what is that translated to SPI speed???

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frollard (author)Mudbud2013-02-25

I don't know - it's not documented very well - just try it and see...If I recall, it's not very fast on the duino.

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