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Help replacing the amplifier in a powered sub woofer? Answered

I have a Phillips SW 900 powered sub-woofer. The internal amplifier board has broken and I need to get a new board or an equivalent amplifier.  The internal subwoofer is a 6 inch 4 ohm 40w driver.I don't want to spend any more than around 50 US dollars. The only connection that I need is one RCA jack for audio input.



This one is $60... but it should do the job. It's slightly more powerful than you need, so just don't turn it up all the way.  Best option I could find quickly.  Good luck!  :)

Is it OK to use that one because my stereo only has one RCA output to subwoofer jack.

Yes... zoom in on the pic... it says to use the right channel for mono. :)