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Help to add more LEDs to a Halloween LED Pumpkin Lamp.? Answered

I have an LED Halloween pumpkin lamp that runs off of 3 AAA batteries.  The lamp has 3 LEDs each color is red, green, and blue.  It slowly changes from one color to the next.  I wanted to see how I could add one more of each color LED for a project.  I know there will not be enough room on the same board and they will need to be put on separate component PC board.  I will have no problem doing any kind of soldering.  I just don't know anything about resistors and electricity.  I am looking to find out how everything needs to be connected up and if I need more power.  If I need more power then I will add a DC jack for any power adjustment.  Is this easy or would it be a lot easier if I used a timer chip?  I just don't have anything to program chips.  Thanks for everyone's help.


Tricky. This thing would be designed for one LED per channel, and that's it. Paralleling is likely to lead to uneven lighting, or even destroying the driver chip.

Just solder the new LEDs in Parallel with the existing ones and your done.