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Help with Audio Output Transformer Answered

Im doing this project: http://www.wikihow.com/Transmit-Audio-With-a-Laser-Pen

and im confused about what to connect the audio output transformer to, the one they suggested, and i do, has red and white wires on one side, and green, black, and blue wires on the other, with the black in the middle. Where do i conenct them?

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gmoon (author)2009-06-01

Strange (but typical) that RS doesn't have a datasheet for download on the website.

The pics in that project appear to be taken in part (and edited) from here. The connection info can be found there, too.

Here's a lifted quote, which should be all you need:

The transformer has two leads on one side, (red and white in the photo ) and three leads on the other side (blue, black and green in the photo). The two leads are the low impedance side of the transformer, (the 8 ohm side). The three leads are the high impedance side (the 1000 ohm side). The middle of the three leads is called the center tap, and we won't be using it in this circuit.

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um0123 (author)2009-06-01

btw, the catalouge number for the audio output transformer is Radio Shack 273-1380

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