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Help with Geomate Jr. ? Answered

My first instructable would be to turn my Geomate jr. into a paper weight or door stop as the company (Apishere)has gone belly up!

Does anyone know how to put geocache coordinates into the device. The software they provided doesn't work. I guess the problem I'm having is to get LOC files off of geocaching.com and into the device. I can use either chrome or MS Internet explorer.


Are there any tech savvy makers that can hack this device in other ways?



Thanks canucksgirl

I tried that link, downloaded the software and can't get anything downloaded into the geomate. I'm a little ticked as I bought three units plus the update kit for our Cub Pack.

I would go to the geomate support page. There's a pdf user guide that you should look through first. If that doesn't get things working, there's an email address and a phone number on the page that you can try. Like you said, you've paid for the units and the update kit, so they have to give you some kind of customer support.

Let me know what happens (just remember to post your message back to me by clicking on "reply", otherwise I won't know you left a message).


Do you have some kind of power over dormant websites? Its back up and I have been able to update my Geomate Jrs.

Now I can find that new cache in the park around the corner.

Thanks CanucksGirl. Thanks Apisphere

LOL.. no, I wish I had special powers over websites, (dormant or not), but in this case, I found it was live, and that's why I responded to you suggesting you give it another try versus making your devises into door stops.

I'm glad you got it working now. You should mark this question as "answered" by clicking on one of the blue 'best answer' buttons.

Cheers! (and you're welcome). :)

Hey CanucksGirl that link is live again, so I'll try again later today when I have my unit in hand. Looks promising, fingers crossed!

I'll take a look later. But that link was not there yesterday. Thanks.

I'll keep you posted.

Before you go making a door stop, you might want to check your information. Although it was announced as unexpected news, it doesn't appear as though the company is out of business.

The statement I found says they are "no longer able to offer the Geomate Jr. for sale or continue the 'Update Zone'"... they do go on to say that "to help keep the adventures happening, we have made some software available that will allow anyone with an Update Kit and a PC to load a Pocket Query from Geocaching.com to a Geomate Jr."

I had to find this information off another website, because the Geomate Jr. website seems to be back up and running... Your best bet would be to go to this link, where you can get the software from a link in the statement (in case its not what you mentioned). If for some reason it still doesn't work, then try the Geomate Jr website again for support and then try geocaching.com if you don't get the help you need from the Jr site.

If after that, you still can't get it working, reply back here and we'll do our best to help you further.