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Help with LCD screen fault Answered

I have an unusual fault on my Goodmans LCD TV. When first switched on the TV screen appears with multi coloured squares covering the whole viewing area, occasionally vertical stripes appear instead. this will persist for around 20-30 mins after which the disturbance fades into the background and normal vision returns without further problems. Any ideas please... could the panel be at fault.



Under warranty or not? L

No regretably it's not under warranty. I used to repair CRT sets a few years ago, but have no knowledge of flat screen TV's. The fault only occurs when the TV is first switched on from cold, it's not intermittent and no dry joints anywhere and does not respond to a sharp knock.

Mmm - I've got no experience with these either but I can do logical analysis. Green light says you have power, no picture says:
No backlight
No signal
LCD driver "knacked"
Only when switched on from cold is suggesting a signal / start-up issue, it might be one of those aged-electronics things.
The main reason for asking about warranty was with respect to taking a screwdriver to it. Try plugging / unplugging the signal cable (tests a signal fault). You can probably tell whether or not the backlight is out even if the screen is black.


(Like to help more but no hands-on with this, anf I did Google it for 5 min)

Thanks Lemonie for your assistance. The screen is not black on switch on but covered in multi coloured squares so the back light is ok. It is a strange fault... thanks again. Kind Regards

Wierd. First you post an answer, then I reply to it, then both vanish. Then I find it's back and the comment I posted on things vanishing has vanished... I did think it was Saturday this morning and inadvertently took half a day's holiday, but something funny is going on here...