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Help with PDR? Answered

Alright, my previous partner, trauts, hasn't shown for quite awhile. I kind of let the project die with him but I remember now just how awesome the real (concept) gun is and I want a K'nex version. Unlike most other guns, it seems like something I can actually build entirely too. I'm falling behind in replicating though, having not made anything big since the over 1.5 year old UMP-45 so Selez, Knexguy, etc. or anyone really, wanna help out?

The PDR is a tricky gun because it's a bullpup with limited space in the stock for a firing system. This would require something advanced like either a special bolt action system or perhaps a slingshot? It also has some interesting structures like the back handle brace and entire front grip.

Here's a picture of my first try. I was mostly focused on the back part and making it practical as opposed to super realistic. This is more of an example seeing how we'll probably need to completely redesign it. I also provided a picture for the real one (well in drawing form) and a couple of important notes. PM if you're willing to work on this with me. Please, experienced builders only.


Got any more pics of this besides the one on the other page?

Nope. For future reference, just assume that any pictures I show are all the pictures I got.

Ok sorry if I have been bothering you it's just you're a great builder and I want to be able to build what you're showing.


7 years ago

You have any internal pics?

PDR Not really much help, but I got a standard mech to work with it.

The PDR doesn't need to be that complicated. You could just put a fake mag where the bullpup is, then put the real mag in front and you will be fine.

Fake magazines don't do replicas justice. It's the challenge of bullpup weapons that make them fun to build. A slingshot mechanism would actually be less complicated than making any sort of pin structure.

You think they are challenging? I'm making a ridiculously easy bullpup replica right now.

Depends on the gun. I was just saying, a slingshot mechanism would actually make them pretty easy. Making an effective firing pin system is a problem though. If you leave the chamber right above the magazine, for max power you'd have a horribly long stock to hold the pin.

I would love to have a go. I have been meaning to try one by myself for a while.

Ya know what, I think something like a mechanism from lt. Licorice, or from that shotgun concept idea you posted, those would really make for great, compact ideas, but, I don't think I could handle that by myself. If we could figure out a bullpup mech for one of those ideas, we could get an idea what we're working with, and we could make something like it with the looks of this magical PDR. sound good? And I think with one of these ideas the gun would actually be quite decently powered.

Well yeah that's why I was thinking it'd be easiest just to use a slingshot mechanism. We probably could give it a rail instead of just a pure rubber band. Then we could also give it a charging handle too which would be pretty neat but it'd eliminate some range. The bullets that would fit in the magazine wouldn't be very range effective at all though so I'm more concerned about it being a replica first and effective second.

I see, so, something like a slingshot, that you can pull the rubber bands back on over a bullet from the mag, hook onto something, and shoots? Doesnt sound too too hard..

Jollex and I already accomplished a rough proof of concept with that tournament entry. I say we just run the barrel through the whole gun and it'd pretty much be a slingshot with a PDR shell.

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7 years ago

I'll help you! I haven't ever posted an ible, but I am very active on this site and have TONS ideas for bullpup mechs and I'm very cooperative! Please respond!

Well I guess you'll have to get in line. I'm putting this project on hold and I've already had a few other responses. If I open this back up and the others aren't willing to work on it at that time, I'll get back to you.

Hang on I'm gonna put this on hold. I was curious and tried shooting one of those pen ink cartridges from my TBAG with a small block trigger and I found that the ammo is indeed quite stable, especially for the gun. Even oodammo spins out when fired from the pathetic little thing by the pens maintain a perfect trajectory so I'm going to redo the TBAG and see if I can't fix the problems from before.

Scratch that. There I go changing my mind again. I just remembered an old concept I wanted to try out seeing how Jammy never got around to it. Basically, it's a repeating 3 shot shotgun. I'm just going to focus on getting the gun to work and letting you guys expand on and improve the concept like maybe adding pump aciton, making it stronger, etc.

Wow...the concept actually worked. Hang on I'll just make a new thread.

I'll help? It would be easy to collab over MSN.

nice concept, looks amazing! post if or when your done.

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lol, id like to try, since ive nothing else to do... a pin that doesnt come out of the stock would be a start...

I suppose it'd be possible to make a sort of bolt action that pushes the bullet far forward while the pin is more toward the middle of the gun so it'd fit in the stock. Otherwise we could simplify the whole thing by just making it a repeating slingshot which would be both cool and functional. Your choice.

well id say bolt pin because a sling gun this small would be to hard to make and work...

Actually I would argue that a slingshot in a gun this small would be far easier than a pin set up. It'd have to be bolt action to give it any strength and we'd have to do something pretty funky to make that work. We'd have to make the pusher extend back farther than the firing pin to keep it all concealed in the gun when it's cocked. For a slingshot, we'd just have to put a block over the mag which would be pushed back by the band while cocking. It's a concept proven in one of IaC's weapons already.

suppose, what one of iacs weapons is it? his huge crossbow?

are u going to be posting it look amazing


7 years ago

I'll work with you.

Because I want to. Wait... DJ had something right? >_<

I have nothing on my hands so I'm up for it and I have the mag release things sorted out quite well.