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Help with a design for a totally bruttle key ring for a heavy metal fan.? Answered

I just got a new car but the keys didn't come with a key ring. Now, since I am a metal fan I was looking for a keyring that was totally bruttle and cool. Currerntly I can't think of any cool ideas so can anyone help me out? One idea I had was to conceal a taser, that I will be custom making, and possibly a usb flash drive inside. Only issue is that it needs to be light enough as to not damage the key barrel and stearing column. Thanks in advance.


Thanks for the ideas. I have had a bit of an idea since I posted the question. I am now thinking about making one that is somewhat of a representation of the metalocalypse phone and building a taser into it.

brassknuckes!!! with W.W.L.D (what would Lemmy do) engraved on them.

Just a sanity check: Did you mean "brutal"?

Get a length of white cord, say about 1/4 inch thick, and then thread all your keys onto it.

Tie the cord into a hangman's noose, so that all the keys are on the loop.

Get a small novelty or toy skull from somewhere (joke shop?  ebay?) and hot-glue the loose end of the noose into the base of the skull where the spinal cord should go.

If the skull lacks "heft", fill it with hot glue or epoxy (injected through an eye socket or similar.

Oh, and don't forget to take photos and publish an Instructable!