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Help with a sun jar idea? Answered

 So recently I saw the 'ible on here about how to make a sun jar, which I think is really awesome, and I want to make one now... The question I have though, is if anybody knows how to make a circuit, without programming that will make the light raise and lower in intensity, so basically, it has a very slow pulsate but it never turns off and doesn't go super dark either... I have been trying to address this problem myself for some time, but haven't come up with a clever solution yet.


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jeff-oBest Answer (author)2010-04-13

This link to Solarbotics Documentation contains a few schematics for solar-powered devices that may be helpful.  Perhaps the HexPummer schematic would suit your needs.

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rickharris (author)2010-04-13

You need to look at the combination of an LDR and an op amp comparator.

Before there was digital many things were done with analogue circuits.

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