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Help with basic relay/switch question. Answered

I know nothing!!!! but I would like to know how to make a simple and cheap, battery operated LED light that has a timed/timer switch. I thought I would check with the experts here at Instructables!

I need guidance as to parts, wiring etc.

Here is the basic information on the project...

. I would like to create a AA/AAA battery operated LED light that has some sort of timed relay or delay switch that will automatically shut the light off after 10 minutes or so. Simple and inexpensive is the goal. Some guidance as to what this type of switch/relay is called and where I might source them is appreciated.

Thank you for any help!


Thank you for your help...I have another question or two.

Would this type set up work for use with a double A battery?

I am also intending on using a 4-5 LED light strip instead of a single light. And what resistor do you think would make it a 10 minute timer.....545?

You need to be a little more specific in your question......powering one led and powering multiple light strips is a completely different ball game.

which type of light strips....voltage, amps etc.

As for the set up above.....yes it will work, but you won't squeeze 10 minutes out of it without making the circuit completely inefficient.

Thanks again. I really appreciate the help. I will try to be more specific...so here goes!

I want to run a 4 LED light setup off a battery pack. I would like to have a timed 10 min. on/off switch as described. somewhat Bright LEDs or UV are important (but do not need to be SUPER POWERFUL bright). powered by 2 AA batteries. I don't know what watts, volt, amps etc... I don't really know about this stuff and don't really care about the specifics and minutia of it all...what I would like is someone (smarter then me) to take these parameters and say...."Ok- heres how I would do it..and heres the parts I used"

Thanks again.


I would love to help but We STILL CAN'T post images.

For an LED you don't really need the relay. A 555 timer can easily drive the LED directly - Just include something like a 330 ohm resistor to limit the current.

Thank you. I am trying to figure out the easiest solution for this little project.

I am intending on using one of these power options-single AA, two AA or 9volt (whichever is easiest). to power a 4 - 5 LED light strip. Single push button for 10 minutes of on time with auto off.

What I don't know is which capacitors etc. to create this. I found this video that seems like it is within my abilities and understanding. I'm just not sure the correct components to create circuit for the components as described above.


this same question came up recently perhaps a month ago. dig thru the forums. there was a simple, practical schematic