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Help with building a sunfish-like Sailboat? Answered

So, ever since I rode with a friend on a Sunfish, I've wanted one. Problem is, I can't afford to buy a new one and I can't seem to find any used ones. As such, I decided to employ the communal intelligence and experience of the members of Instructables.

I like the idea of a small, easy to transport sailboat that can be used on inland lakes. Also, since I'm a beginning sailer, a boat that can be easily righted would be a plus.

So, ideas, anyone?


In July 1958, the Popular Mechanics Magazine (PM) published a building plan for a sail board which I modified and built to encompass and increased beam (36 inch) a full length keel and formed a V shaped hull, a relatively easy job. I used a lantern sail as with the sunfish design but it proved the sail board to become very unstable when tacking. The PM sailboard had a normal sail plan which proved superior and gave the vessel stability when tacking. I later added a self draining cockpit which made sailing more comfortable.

The PM magazine 1958 is available on eBay for a few dollars. This type of sailboard is fast in the water and a gives a great deal of pleasure. Nikki

So I don't know if anyone ever found the plans for this... but if so could I have them?

Family Circle published 12 ft Sunfish twin plans around 1975, I just came across them while cleaning my office, I promise to somehow get them on here or at least how to get a copy...

I read your reply to the person in the Instructables website regarding plans for building a 12 ft sailfish twin in Family Circle magazine. I would be indebted to you if you could send me the exact date and month of the article. My e-mail is : coambs@yahoo.com

here is a web site that might help you out. www.sailingtexas.com .  You might not find a sunfish, but you might find something.
If you want to build something, I would suggest a pre 1970's Moth class.
or look  up scows, they are neat.


8 years ago

 The sunfish and sailfish type sailboats were adapted (or so I was lead to believe) from a lifesaving surfboard back in the 1950's. A lifesaving board was basically a hollow 2" thick surfboard about 10' long made from plywood. add in a v bottom, mast step, daggerboard and rudder and your set.
Another fun looking little sailboat is an adaption of the mouse http://groups.yahoo.com/group/mouseboats/photos/album/1363587432/pic/list


Glen-L marine  has many good designs and their plans have built many fine craft.

Thanks, I like the 12' BuckBoard Sailboard! I'm going to keep looking, however, because that one seems too delicate to submit to the damages my inexperience will bring.

Now that you've posted a question, have a look on the right-hand side under "Related" - anything in there that seems good?


Nah, I've already searched all of Instructables. Nothing there really appeals to me.