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Help with clothes rack? Answered

I desperately need some racks for clothes on hangers, to be used for out-of-season storage in my garage and also at my upcoming yard sale. I'm tired of buying the flimsy garment racks at Wal-Mart, etc. I'm willing to build them myself from wood or pipes (preferably pipes, for sturdiness) if someone could suggest how to do this. Any advice? I don't know anything about welding or cutting pipes, etc. -- just simple home repairs -- but am willing to tackle any beginner-level instructions. Thanks for any information -- Carolyn Bahm, Collierville, TN


i would use pvc for something like this. So far pvc hasn't failed me yet.

Retail clothing racks - Go commercial! (this is my site btw) Even is you decide to build yourself, let me know. I have a lot of close up pictures if you see a rack that you would like to try to duplicate.


11 years ago

Carolyn, Do you have room in the garage to use a wall to mount some brackets. At HD (one of my favorite places) you can find a bracket intended to hold a pole or pipe thant looks like a shelf bracket with a crook on the end for the pipe. Two heavy screws in each bracket add the pipe or pole and you're good to go. I can try to send you a sketch if you need.

Hi, HamO, I thought about that, and it may be what I end up doing after all. We do have a lot of open wall space, and it would be a lot simpler, wouldn't it! I was hoping to go for a more portable solution simply because we plan to convert the garage into a den in a couple of years and I didn't want to mess up the drywall with racks; in my past experience with them, they also tend to work loose from the walls. Maybe I just didn't have expert installation, eh? ;o) Think I'll give it a try. Thanks! Best - Carolyn

Try using 2x4 for a frame and a clothes rod (wood)for the rod.

Hi, Rocketscientist, I thought of that, but I don't know how much top corner bracing would be required (since clothes are so heavy) and how much bracing to use to connect the vertical poles to the base. I will probably try to cobble something like this together if needed, though; I'll bet it will be my cheapest homemade option. I was hoping someone could suggest some configuration where I could just screw together some plumbing pipes like a few other racks I've seen. Hmm; maybe I'll just go to Home Depot and scope out the selection ... Thx - Carolyn