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Help with costume Answered

I'm making a costume that looks like this- This is actually my profile image. I have lots of corrugated carboard (but no large pieces yet-just medium sized boxes), thin cardboard, foamboard, and a sheet or two of lexan/plexiglass (for the green spikes), and I think I can get some fiberglass, resin, and some bondo. Does anybody have any advice on bending, cutting, dying(lexan-all I've got is clear) the cardboard, foamboard, or lexan? I've also never worked with fiberglass before-all I've heard is that it's a mess. Any tips? If anyone can help me with the head, antenna, armor, or especially the chest, I'd greatly apreciate it.



For the more curvy and elaborate parts of the costume try cutting out plastic jugs, sports equipment, and bottles (like big laundry detergent, football pads, water jugs) you'd be surprised what weird and unique shapes you can get by cutting out certain parts. The great thing is you don't have to worry about resins, fiberglass, and chemicals. They are easily painted and attached to one another using glue or small pop rivets.

Thank you. I'm terribly afraid that I may have lost hope on completing this-my parents aren't the most supportive about the whole thing....they think it's pretty odd. But I guess I could work on it further... Like I said-the head needs to be redone (using foam-see below), and the body needs to be bigger as well (I can barely get in and out of it). I haven't the slightest clue about what to use as the glass clear colored dome on his head (not the bottom of a 1 liter bottle-I have to be able to see out of it!)...If I could find some foam blocks, fiberglass, paint, something (screen might work) for the round "iris" in the head, and some RGB Led's, the hard part would be over. But I still don't know if I still want to finish it. I guess that I could make like a statue out of it when I'm tired of it, and it could make an............interesting conversational piece, or a nightlight or something... I don't know. But thank you so much for your advice!

I cut the body, and the head and body are out of scale. Either the head is too small, or the body is too big. I can't make tha body any smaller, so I have to make the head bigger, or redo the head all together. I think it would be easier to redo it-I covered ONLY PART of it with cardboard wedges and it took THREE sticks of hot glue to hold it together. I think I could use foam blocks and "carve" out the shape of the head, put the fiberglass on it, and pluck/peel/carve the foam out. But I'm not redoing the head with cardboard!

I got the head frame done today (whew!). But only the frame. Here's what it looks like- I think I could cover it with long trangular pieces of thin cardboard (for now).

finished head frame.JPGframe head hole.JPG