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Help with installing MAC OS X 10.5? Answered

I want to try and put 10.5 on my something-year-old powermac G4.
The problem is, it only recognizes 350 mhz of processor power, when I really have
1.250 Ghz. The extra 900MHZ is from a Motorola one, and 10.5 doesn't seem to work with it.

Anyone have any idea how I can fix this?


Mac OS says "your machine is too crappy I'm not going to waste your time with this, buy a better Mac"? I really hate Mac for this sort of "I know better than you" attitude...
Has the thing been fiddled-with/overclocked in any way, and have you tried any Mac forums for this problem?


I've looked around, but found no solution.
And you're right, the processor is about 4 times more powerful than the one it had. It used to run 10.1, I think.

I suppose it's something that you can upgrade the processor that far. Could OSX be taking it's cues from 10.5 - does it still reject on a totally-clean, scrubbed disk with no trace of 10.5?


Could the processor upgrade be 3rd party and not original Apple?

If so I imagine that could be a problem, also I assume you have at least the required 512mb of RAM for 10.5. 

"The extra 900MHZ is from a Motorola one"

Motorola isn't exactly "3rd party".

Yeah, I have over 1 GB of RAM.

That probably would have been the most likely thing, and I'm pretty sure that the problem IS that I have a Motorola processor, but there must be some work-around.

I've been searching on Google for a while and I have come up with that quite a few people have had problems with installing leopard without the original processor, sadly though no one seems to have posted any form solution.

I can understand how fustrating it is with the "older-ish" macs; I have a few and have nothing but problems :)

Good luck anyway, haha! =D

 Short of searching the internet for a plug in that will work with the motorola one. Other than that, I am at a loss. It might be that you can find an alternative with the support for 10.5.

Further from that, you could sell the G4, and maybe buy a slightly newer apple, perhaps one of the newer G4 mirror doors, I always liked those.

I searched for about ten minutes, then gave up.
Any ideas where to search?