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Help with shaker switch Answered

I need help with a circuit i have been contemplating. I want the circuit to be off until the device has been shaken and it will stay on for a bit afterwards. I am not sure if a shaker switch is the correct device to do this.

I saw them on this site here

I would also like to know if the switch (if it does what i think it does) would turn the circuit on until shook again, or if it would be permanently on, or if it is only one while being shook.

Thanks for the help.

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randofo (author)2008-01-17

You should be able to find "shock" or "vibration" switches which are used in car alarms that detect when people kick a car tire. I got one a while ago from goldmine-elec.com that goes on for a few moments when shook and then turns off. I'm not sure if they still have any in stock (it was years ago) but that seems to be what you are looking for. You can also try allelectronics.com, mpja.com and bgmicro.com

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LinuxH4x0r (author)2008-01-17

Use a spring with a pin in the center (spring shakes, hits pin)

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Goodhart (author)2008-01-16

The following is opinion only, but it "appears" that they are "tilt" switches which would turn on (or off) when the switch is moved into an angular position, and then the reverse once righted again. They could still be used, with a timer circuit to delay the reversal back to "default".

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