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Here's an Awesome Project - Will Require Composites Work :) Answered

This armor, looks AMAZING! And using some life casting techniques (or even sculpting a mold from foam and test fitting) - you can make your very own with a bit of fiber glass and resin and flat black paint :)

Maybe an early start for Halloween? I'd personally just go for the chest and back plate and substitute the rest with football pads. In any case, just thought I'd share :)

Caption that goes with image:
These happy characters are Peruvian anti-riot police, who are seen here parading in celebration of Peru's independence day yesterday. Yes, they are terrifying. This makes Peru the latest entry in a long list of countries I will try to avoid rioting in. I'm still all about rioting in Canada and Sweden, however. From Gizmodo

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Rashadel119 (author)2010-04-18

um the whole point of this page was to tell you how to make  some nice looking armor not to be battle hardened

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Brennn10 (author)2008-02-04

I have some old lacrosse pads, I can spray paint them black, and attach them with some cloth. I wish it were that easy...but those look sick!

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tech-king (author)2008-02-04

1) yes it looks nice, but that irrelevant: weather it is knife and blunt force impact resistant is all that matters 2) if you riot in canada, you could get tazered. everything else seems to get you shocked here.

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