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Hey, All! I'm Relocating! :D Answered

A select few of you who stalk me visit my persona often may have noticed that I changed my location. Well, the reason for that is that my family is on the move again.

When I joined Instructables in 4th Quarter 2006, I lived in Texas. Soon after that, we moved to Georgia and now we're off to Florida, from whence I hail.

The house we'll be moving into is by far the greatest I've yet to live on. It's situated on a canal that leads out to the Atlantic, it has a pool, two stories, a second master bedroom that I get to share with my brother, and it just looks really cool. Built in the 60's, this house has some serious personality.

With every move comes a new school. Mom wants to send me to a Catholic school again (ugh). At least this time it's co-ed, but it still doesn't have a marching band, which is the #1 reason why I prefer a public education.

Well, guys, don't freak out if I go MIA over the next few weeks; moving's a contact sport and there's a lot involved if you're not familiar with the process (Eric knows what I mean, don't you? ;-) Dad wants to leave by Friday, and we just starting packing yesterday, so wish us luck. See you all later!


Heh, pack well, plan all the packing, don't mix boxes. For heavy stuff like books use empty beer boxes and fruit boxes. For normal stuff hit up businesses and schools for empty computer boxes. For moving I've never used a removal place but it might be nicer. otherwise pickup trucks and rentavans are your friend, if it's a rental you can cane it and overload as much as you want... I've moved a lot in my life at least 10 times now, not sure exactly how many...

I've moved a lot in my life at least 10 times now, not sure exactly how many...

Yeah. We haven't lived in a house for more than 2 years since I was 8 years old.

And as for our moving vehicle, we've got Mom's Suburban plus a BIG moving van.

That's the way to go... As one more word of warning, dishwashers and washing machines can crush steel toecaps when falling from more than a couple of feet up...

it fell out of the van on to my boots, thankfully the toecap slowed it enough to not break anything, I had to cut the boot off and by the time I did my toes were a nice shade of purple...

I remember you telling me about that! Along with how you dented a door frame and almost broke some guy in half with your bike...

The doorframe is still a little out, even after the decorator tidied it up...

I wonder how the guy you almost snapped in half is holding up

You should do a "How to Move" instructable!

Why didn't I think of that??

Hopefully I'll be able to, but as I've said, we're VERY busy!

Space Coast, Florida is the "region". I'll keep the city due to confidentiality and such. ;-)

Welcome Back! I still live in the same house I always have.

I've just counted up - I'm in home number 12, in only 40 years!

I hate moving - I lose stuff for months or years after in the boxes that get put "somewhere safe". On the plus side, when I motivate myself to go through boxes, it's a mixture of Christmas and a reunion. I just rediscovered my favourite paper aeroplane book, which contains plans I have never seen online, and my copy of Vacuum Bazookas... which I had feared lost two moves ago.

Moving is alright - we always trash a bunch of stuff and get new ones once we move in. Dad's selling both of our big screens, and when we move we're going to get a projector.

Nar har I knew this last night ; ) Which state do you prefer (not counting house)?

Which state do you prefer (not counting house)?'

Hard to say. Florida and Texas are pretty close - Florida may come slightly ahead of Texas. Georgia's awful though. At least, the part I've lived in is. I hope the whole state isn't like this.

Haha... Good, Texas was in the running... *stashes revolver*