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Hey Guys. Answered


1st off, sorry about my long absence. I had a busy summer, and I'm kinda running low on motivation. I'm going to be checking back regularly soon though.

2nd off, sorry if I missed some of your folks comments. When I came back a few weeks ago I had a few hundred comments that I tried to respond to, so if I missed any or your questions or such, please post them again here. My bad.

3rd, I'm going to be posting a video of a huge project I've recently finished. No instructions, as its rather unique to my bathroom *cough*cough*.

Also, I've decided I've had it with my danged safe. I'm going to strip away the casing I made and just post instructions for the new mech. I'm really just out of motivation for the project, and others have posted safes and such too, so its not so new and cool anymore.

And finally, I want to build a cannon bigger than the V1. Will happen this winter hopefully.

Thanks folks,



Just saw the ball machine, I love the double helix bits which spin.

Great to see you back! Man this is a late reply. :-P The ball machine was epic. I kept thinking that they're were two identical mirrored paths and then i noticed it was your mirror. :-P

Hey man, I just sent you a friend request on Facebook. I couldn't send a message with it so I'll just tell ya here.

YES!!!!!! WAHOO!!!!!! glad your back, sorry for spam, How big is this cannon? Did you here about my 6 foot rifle? I plan to have it posted in a few weeks if it works.

Did nay hear about 6 foot rifle. And my cannon will probably be around a foot and a half longer than the v1.

Another one? you should probably call it "The V6 Howitzer"?

How about using explosive ammo this time around? That could be interesting.

That'd require a pretty smooth firing system, and a lot of lost pieces. A grenade slinger was in the works for a while too, perhaps I'll finish that one too :-p

what about a coil gun lauching system with a barrel about 16 feet

I hope its not a toilet ! D:


Ohai, just when I thought all the veterans were about gone.

A bigger cannon???? O.O
2 more weeks of my time are about to be filled...


7 years ago

welcom bakkkk!!!

Thanks for comming back finnaly someone who is good isn't leaving for a change

sounds cool! welcome back.

Yay!!! I might make instructions for the frame of your new safe if i have your permission.

Yes! Ibles isn't dying anymore. People are coming back with good ideas. I want to see a bigger cannon than the v1 though.

I'll (TRY) to build your cannon! Just go easy on the green connectors, please.

i don't know if a bigger cannon is a good idea. oh wait who cares that would rock so much. cant wait to see it


7 years ago


Welcome back.