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Hey Ibles! Help me choose what to study! Answered

There comes a time in every Keith's  life where he must stop being a Keith-Kid and become a Keith-Man.

Yes, soon I shall end my highschool life and embark on the journey to adulthood. Problem is...I...kinda have no idea what to study.

The only thing I can really say I enjoy doin is....well...i dunno.

I'm kiiinda good with computers....and ...well I guess my talents fall into the Art category. I enjoy drawing, (even though I havent drawn in over a year...that might be an obstacle...)

I could maybe envision myself being a graphic artist, I dont know I could picture myself animating a commercial or stuff...I don't really know how it all works...

I have some experience in video and photo editing. No programing experience, aside from knowing the definition of HTML (no points for that? come on...)

So...basically.... Can you guys suggest what I should study?

Also, over here in my tiny little island, there isn't much for Graphic Design....Theres ONE school, but i dunno all I see there are emo peoples and...i dunno...I cant say I like it very much..

SO YEA! Suggestions! Help a Keith out will ya? T_T


Dude, bro, man, where the F*** HAVE YOU BEEN??
>man hugs
Anyway, I am in same boat. Just I am just out of the harbor. Graphic design man, cant go wrong. Ask Gmjhowe... lol

True! He could give me some guidance on the subject!

Hi...gah too many name changes. Hi Kent.

Btw this is a family site. Please watch your language. Kthnxbai.

I've missed you!

Anyway, even if you can't picture yourself animating a commercial or something because you don't really know how it all works, well, isn't that why you'd be going to school for it? :P

On the contrary, I said I CAN picture myself doing it, and I would definitely love it.

What I have lacked recently was drawing practice, since I have not drawn in over a year.

:D Hi sunny

" I dont know I could picture myself animating a commercial or stuff...I don't really know how it all works..."

You should start drawing again then!

I know >_<

Starting from scratch basically

Get a drawing tablet, knockoff wacoms aren't that expensive, I've had some Adesso tablets that are pretty big and getting a hold of Photoshop or Corel Painter shouldn't be too hard, c'mon, this IS the internet...

I really don't know what you should do (Hell, I don't know what I'm going to do), but I don't think you should judge a school based on the students that go there.

Seconded. Keith, the emo chicks have a tendency to be kinkier than 'normal' girls...

Let someone older than you, school you.

Private behaviour is inversely proportional to public behaviour.

Find that sweetest, most innocent looking girl........

While I agree with you on that, yea I like the sweet innocent girl, I must also agree with The Ideanator....Emo chicks are pretty harcore <.< I digress....

Before you decide on a school, find out,

Is it a "for profit" school?

What is the student loan default rate? if it's high, it's because their grads aren't getting jobs.

Will you need private aid to go, fed aid is bad enough, if you need private loans above that, something is WRONG!

Explosives engineering all the way, EVERYBODY can love blowing stuff up!
You could fly up here to the States and take something web-related and try and get a job at Instructables HQ.

I hear there is nice program at Parris Island for that. Free room and board, wahoo.

And now it's claiming that I removed it! Urgh.

I will repost my top-level comment by copying from the PM. It's still good advice, if not for you, then for someone :-)

Keith-a-mano! Which rock were you hiding under this time?

First, start with your practical constraints: Stay on the rock and choose from the local caves or can you afford to go to a polished rock cave a stone's throw away from home?  Any expected scholarships to help you get into your dream college?  Do you plan to work while going to college -parttime/fulltime...etc...

But back to your choice of major...if you haven't "found" yourself, it is okay to find a program of more general studies and then figure out your area of concentration.  Strong math and science skills are needed for the engineering courses.  It's good you have all these background interests and hobbies.  Going into a business course you can delve into marketing and economics, are you a talker? communication arts - broadcasting, radio, production... Are you into industrial design, architecture, or fine arts...they may require a portfolio going in...unless your wardrobe is up to date in black and slashed jeans...

The use of computers is a given nowadays.  Do you want to be a programmer? Interested in technician courses or heavy theoretical computer design?  Only thing I can really say is that many fields can lead to Graphic design.  Study in another field will also give you something to fall back on.  Good luck.

Weirdest thing. I was walking around, suddenly a huge rock fell on me from out of nowhere! I just recently got out, but didn't get a chance to thank my rescuers, they had to rush to Chile... (Oh god im a horrible person, I hope those people get out safely DX)

Moving is a big thing. Id really like to go to The Art Institutes over in Florida, but I really don't feel like I'm ready to be on my own just yet... :(

Mathematics is not my forte. At all. Im definetly a talker and a people person, that IS a forte. I havent drawn in about a year, but I suppose with a little practice I can get back on that ol horse. I have animation/photo-video editing experience.

Yes Ive thought about that, I need a portfolio....Really gotta start drawing before graduation...

I feel I should have a little programming experience if I wanna dive into Graphic Design.

Thanks :D


7 years ago

architecture and engineering :)