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Hey Instructables, See anything usable here? Answered

I'm not sure whether or not this works or not, but pictured is an old electronic Organ I found out on the curb during Halloween, I proceeded to do what any 'ables maker would do, grab this 70lb monster and ran like a madman.

I'm tempted to plug it in in the basement and see if it still functions, but I'm scared to.


Yeah, the thing is a piece of junk.. Might try Ebay.

.  If you want to increase your chances of getting it to work again, do NOT just plug it in and turn it on. Since it has been outside, assume it has collected some moisture. Let it sit for at least a few days, preferably with a fan blowing on it (or a heating duct aimed at it). Once you feel certain ALL the moisture is gone, then power it up. Having an emergency off switch, a la TUA's power strip, is a very good idea.
.  If you just want to salvage some parts, go for it. Anything that burns up was probably bad or weak anyway. Emergency off switch is an even better idea if you do that. ;)

If you do decide to plug it in, plug it into a switched off strip, that way you can safely trip the switch and be prepared for any eventualities.

Moved from Science to Resources. And why are you scared to plug it in? Do you think some half-masked child molester is going to come and teach you how to dance and sing?

If you plug it in, what's the worse that can happen...blow a few parts, pop the transformer, dim the house lights, blow a fuse/circuit breaker, get some smoke or sparks, some heat, maybe some grinding noises if you hook it up to speakers or an amp, burn down the house...

Looks like an old home console organ, probably not a Hammond to be worth something.  Maybe someone on ebay needs it for parts. You may be able to save the keyboards and rewire it for some other kind of controller - it is a matrix of switches, dunno about the rest though, probably oscillator circuits for each note and divided down for the other octaves.  Unless you have the time to tinker with the electronics, it would be tedious to troubleshoot.  The guts of that organ probably evolved into a one-chip IC that can do more than the original.  Build a case for it as a stage prop so you can stick knives in it and drop it on yourself a la Keith Emerson.