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Hey all ! anyone miss me? :-) .... Answered

I can't stay for long, but wanted to bring you all up to date.... #1: I have been really busy with a couple of Asperger Forums and my own support group..

Over the weekend, while cleaning up, I started getting pains in the lower gut. 

After it didn't go away in 5 hours, I dropped by the ER.  A CT scan indicated a new hernia, lower down and that the bladder was pushing itself into the hernia..   There is now a kind of a rush to get this fixed before the end of the year (deductibles and all)  

Thought I would stop by quickly tonight and say HI !   And I hope you all are doing well. 


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My "arriving back" is going to be fraught with difficulties....maybe for as long as half a year or more.
My wife definitely has borderline personality disorder, which wouldn't be too bad if she'd come to grips with it and work on it. But, she refuses.

I am afraid this union will not end well.....AND I may be moving to Arizona if everything here in PA goes south. If and when all this starts happening, I may be out of touch for a long long time (long for me....i.e. a year or so)

They have the Internet in Arizona, don't they?

Yes they do, but it will be a good four-six day drive, plus getting settled and set up......and I am not sure I will have my computer....depends on the settlement.....it may take awhile......even as it is taking me long periods just to get back in here now and then....

Look after yourself, GH, our thoughts go with you.

Thanks Kiteman, although not fully recovered I am back to work....maybe get some projects started in a few weeks....sadly, home life has only gotten worse....and my whole world may explode soon.....

Good to have you back, my friend.

"back is going to be sparse and 'relative' " for now....and may even need put on hold again, depending on whether I am able to take my computer with me in the coming "crash" (life at home stuff). We shall see...

I am, mostly back....things aren't perfect, and life (at home) is less then unpleasant....things may go so south that I will be without a computer for awhile.....but that is a future event...not in the immediate future

:-) https://encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcT-Zj65A1w0AOmAqhT1dYDD4DDd16zJEr8lftbvqkGJ1jWVU8DNSA

get well soon...

Thank you, sadly there are things to "heal" that may take up to a year to sort out.

Good luck Goodhart!

Best of luck with the surgery! Hope it all goes smoothly and you're back in no time. We've missed you around here. :)

Jessy, I have missed being around....thank you. I really need to muster my motivation and get back to making again....


4 years ago

Good luck Goodhart!

Its good to hear from you! I hope that everything goes well and you are feeling better soon. Take it easy.

Thanks...I hope to be fully mission capable in 2 more weeks

Best of luck! I hope you will recover soon!


4 years ago

Best of luck with your surgery, hope you feel better soon!

Thank you, I hope I feel better soon too

Hey GH! Hope all goes well and you're out and about soon!

This may be my last post before I go into surgery....take care all !

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Dear Goodhart. I'm the lady with several Aspergers in my family. Don't stress about the surgery I've had two hernia repairs (they use a mesh these days) If you use your AS. intellect to see it as a scientific opportunity and be curious as you usually are, you will enjoy. Be well.

Thanks, I have indeed looked into it, and now am just recovering....pain discourages curiosity at the moment


4 years ago

Best wishes for a painless and speedy recovery!

hardly painless LOL but thank you....I have returned to work, although not completely recovered as yet


4 years ago

Dear Goodhart, may God help you through your operation, and don't loose hope during recovery. Best wishes!

although not fully recovered, I am back to work. thank you


4 years ago

Please get well soon! Greetings from Denmark & Happy Holidays coming up.

Dear Goodhart, GodSpeed ,& have the happiest of Holidays..Thanks for all your sharing..:>)

Thank you....I am back to work finally...I need very much to get back to my workshop as soon as I can...